Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cruel & unusual punishment - KV marathon results

The running gods woke up this morning in a nasty mood for the 2nd running of the KV Marathon. Rain, wind and cold were the key ingredients and many of the 90 or so participants suffered the consequences. Rain about 1 inch (45mm), wind NE 15-20mph (gust to 30), temps falling during the race from 45-38F (7-5C).

My race went reasonably well considering, had a good 1st 1/2 in 1:34:30 with our 5 person 3:10 pace group but then things fell apart after mile 14 when it started to pour cold rain in buckets. Before this, there was only a light rain with the wind mostly behind us. At this point the pace group left me behind as they seemed to sped up and I slowed while monitoring HR which was starting to max out. From this point on, I struggled to maintain what pace I could with my legs very cold and almost cramping the rest of the way. Around mile 23 I ran into the last remnant of the pace group (one person) who was walking and dropped out shortly after, 2 others had already abandoned with their 3:10 waiting for another day. The other member of the group ended up as the 1st overall female in a 3:27 after coping with a pulled hamstring for most of the 2nd 1/2.

I ended up finishing 8th overall and 1st in age group (50-59) in 3:20:03 but struggled over the last 10 miles with my pace falling dramatically. The complete results should be posted on the RunNB website shortly.

Splits were:
1- 712 14-707 - Rain begins in earnest
2-719 15-747 - Lose contact with pace group, maintain HR of 150 (88% of max)
3-706 16-747 - Pace group out of sight, steady rain now
4-721 17-731 - struggling a bit, legs cold despite layer of vaseline
5-708 18-745 - pass a runner, no crowds here!
6-712 19-801 - definitely getting tough, legs crampy, hard to feel feet
5-731 20-757 - tried to take another gel but no stomach for it
8-700 21-814 - more traffic on main street but lane reserved for runners
9-742 22-752 - pass last of pacers
10-732 23-807 - struggle just to keep going, heavy downpour, counting steps
11-657 24-815 - struggle continues and slowing more, repassed (only once)
12-713 25-825 - I just want it to be over!
13-724 26.2-10.25 finished in a heap in 3:20:03
13.1 in 1:34:30

After the race, we were very well taken care of with lots of food and drink as well as a nice massage. It felt great at the time but I could hardly stand after getting off the table. Tonite, I'm stiff but not too bad and am ready for a big bowl of chocolate fudge crackle ice cream and whatever else catches my fancy.