Sunday, July 27, 2008

PEI marathon practice - part 2: (km12-42.2)

An early morning run of the beautiful PEI marathon course from the 12km mark to the finish area in downtown Charlottetown. Very easy pace with lots of stops for pictures and water. A very humid morning and it was a good thing I had 4 bottles of gatorade & water stashed along the route. There was a bit of a south-westerly wind which could be an issue during a fall storm. Also the last 10k of this course is a killer with highway and HILLS just when you don't need them (at the end).

Again I uploaded my GPS data and a few geo-tagged pictures to the EveryTrail website which you can see here. I have a ton of pictures along the route which I'll add in as I get the time.

July 27 - Sunday
Training: 32.5 km (20.1 miles) (8:40 pace) very humid 7/10
Health: legs were ok but I was beat at the end of this run 7/10
Stretching: iced in car on trip home


Jamie Anderson said...

Awesome pictures. That is one beautiful area.

Arcane said...

Nice pics. That geotagging thing is neat. I was wondering how you get the route and the pictures to geotag? Do you upload a garmin forerunner route and then upload geotagged pictures separately or do you have a camera phone with GPS that uploads both information together?

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Great stuff! I cannot wait until October!

Oh, and with regards to your previous post - please post a warning or something before doing that again. As I scrolled down to the picture I was praying you were wearing a bathing suit, and scared to death that you weren't.

Love2Run said...

Arcane-the website guides you through the process and tags locations from my garmin and camera based on the times. You don't even need a gps since you can even create your own tracks and drag pics to it.

Marc- sorry to scare you like that but it was a very 'refreshing' dip

Dubs said...

Beautiful area to run in!

Thanks for the info on how you do this - that is really cool!

Anonymous said...