Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tired and getting grumpy!

I think the accumulated miles are starting to wear me down... This is supposed to be a cut back, recovery week but it just doesn't feel that way just now.

Yesterday was an easy 6mi with the HR alarm set to slow and it felt good to go slow as molasses. It was also blowing a gale with some rain but the shower didn't last long. Today, however was the feared mid-week med-long run, though slightly reduced to 'only' 13 mi. Ran it as an out an back, with a 55:00 out leg (into a 20-30mph wind) and a return leg of 52:00 at what felt like the same effort. The last couple of miles were tiring and started to yell at the cars and the wind and whatever else came to mind. Don't you wonder sometimes if anyone pays 'any' attention to the speed limit signs? I'm trudging along in a 60km/40mph zone and it feels like a freeway going by. Get that license plate, report that courier or school bus driver! Arrgg!

While I'm in the venting mode, I must weigh in on the latest Boston marathon changes being proposed. The idea this year is to have wave starts of about 10,000 runners starting at noon and then at 12:30. This is absolutely ridiculous and will relegate the 2nd wave of runners as 2nd class citizens (no anthem, no fly over, just hand over your $100). Apparently they are doing this mainly because of runners relieving themselves on Hopkinton private property and the new start will make for tighter controls and escorting of all runners to their corrals. There is also a plan for a course change with a new hill at the end of the the race near the 26 mile mark. Oh great, just what we need! More arrghh!!


Unknown said...

I agree with your Boston frustration. I think they should leave it the way it has been with the starting procedure. I have never run it, but next year when I do I sure hope it is business as usual so I can experience the tradition behind the race.

My lap counter is just a cheapy that I bought at the local sporting goods store for $10. I just hold it in my hand and punch a button each time I go around. It goes all the way up to 9999 laps. I suppose if I ever got it that high in one stretch I should probably be committed. I did run a 50K on a track last year, which was 125 laps.

Olga said...

Changing Boston sucks, there is a tradition behind! I was there once, and loved the feeling of history! But - it's still Boston:)

Rae said...

That's crazy! Who needs a new hill at the end. They should leave tradition as is!

Anonymous said...