Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musquash adventure

The Musquash Estuary is being proposed as the first Marine Protected Area in the Bay of Fundy. This is an area of incredible beauty with a near pristine shoreline and very little development. Our family had decided to take part in the 8th annual Musquash paddle which takes you from the headpond area near a small hydro power plant, though salt marshes and mud flats to Musquash Bay and then entering into the Bay of Fundy.
A view from Five Fathom Hole wharf along the scenic shore of Musquash marsh and estuary.
The event started mid-morning Saturday with a large flotilla of about 20 kayaks and canoes waiting to get underway. The weather was nice with some cloud cover after a night of heavy rain but some fog along the coast would prove to be a problem later on.
Paddle is underway with the tide high on the ebb, providing a slight downriver current.
A few wrecks provided some points of interest. These are old WWII landing craft.

Andrew is looking cool and got a little wet.
We like lazy rivers without rapids and stayed dry.

Until the fog rolled in at the 2/3 way point in Musquash Harbor. We then needed to pull out the various craft and call it a day after about 4 hours of meandering along the estuary.
We arrived home about an hour later, tired and a bit sore from using muscles in our shoulders and arms that haven't been used much lately. It was a nice day and we plan to come back and complete the last bit that we missed in the harbor another time.


Olga said...

Looks like a nice family time.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Great photos and it looks like a fun time. Makes me really miss the east coast.

I wish flights back that way were cheaper. You have some fun stuff over there that would be awesome to participate in.

Unknown said...

It looks like a beautiful area and I bet you got a good upper body workout with all that paddling.

Legs and Wings said...

The Bay of Fundy is really incredible Mike. I grew up in Moncton and as ugly as the petitcodiac is it's awesome habitat for critters.

Anonymous said...