Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recovery going very well. Since the marathon on Sunday I didn't run a step or do a thing for 3 straight days although there was the temptation now and again. I'm really none the worse for wear besides a little soreness for the 1st day or so and some blistering around my big toe that was solved with a bandage until the swelling went down. There was none of this 'barely able to walk' syndrome or 'hard to walk down the stairs' and no need for ice or even ibuprofen. Strange but true!

Today, after work was my 1st effort at running and it went extremely well. I just did an easy loop of about 3 miles with no problem at all and it was a hard to not keep going a bit further. All signals were go, heartrate was low, effort was easy, cruising along at a nice pace, no obvious aches or pains; just some soreness in the deep leg muscles and around the hips. After just 27 minutes and barely even sweating the run was over before it barely started.

Curiously though, even a 1/2 hour jaunt gave me time to think a bit about things and some questions that have been put to me about my running and current plans for MDI. The general theme seems to be "Why run 2 marathons so close together?"Quinto Sol was curious when I 1st posted my plan back in June, Grellan wondered if I'm simply mad and Thomas has been more diplomatic and thought that I'd shown training marathons were doable before. So why did I do it and what is the plan for MDI?

  1. Why not?
  2. I had planned to run a fast marathon at MDI and use Saint John as a training run with 18 miles at marathon pace and then coast in but my training and fitness didn't warrant this. What I did end up doing was fairly close to my limit for the day but I didn't kill myself either as I was saving something for another day.
  3. There were lots of nice perks at SJ including free gear for doing the BQ thing and a chance to get in on the nice promotions for a Boston trip in the spring, plus I'd paid my two bucks!
  4. I guess I just Love 2 Run ;-)
MDI plans
  1. Have fun.
  2. Run with Marc, Andrew and Jamie. I was thinking that the best finish I could imagine at MDI would be the 3 Blind Moose crossing the finish line together with arms raised in joy!
  3. Support Marc (Like Lance). Remember at New York and all that Lance had to do was run? I was thinking Andrew and I could do that for Marc. "Water? Here you go Sir!", "More gatorade?", "Should I tell that lady to slow down and keep us company?", another joke? You know that Andrew is full of them. What do you think, Marc? It will be a blast!
  4. I can't wait ;-)
I signed up for another race tonite. There's a 5K in Fredericton on Saturday and I couldn't resist. I'm even going to take another day off tomorrow to rest up for it. I guess I just love to run...

Have a great week all.


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Well, running with Andrew and his jokes certainly would keep me going, if only just to get away...though I might just bolt off into the woods like his deer.

Running with Andrew and you would make it more palatable, as you have that uncanny knack to, um, improve the scenery around you.

But don't forget, I am not responsible for my actions or words after mile 19, which is when the evil Marc tends to show up.

I am looking forward to the Three Blind Moose and Mountain Goat rally. I can almost taste the post race beer....

Thomas said...

I guess you just love to run, indeed.

And even better, whenever you point out some stupid things in my training I now have ammunition to reciprocate.

Grellan said...

Sound like good enough reasons to me. Best of luck to the three amigos in MDI

DawnB said...

You know by now that I'm the last person to tell someone not to race!! You'll do just fine!!

Good luck with your 5k this weekend i believe I ran my fastest 5k after a marathon!!