Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just the Facts

For whatever reason it's been hard to spit out my running activities lately. Maybe it's getting back in the work groove, or maybe it's the miles talking but the spark seems to be missing to say much more than just the facts for now. The 'training' can be wearing at times.

Aug 3 - Sunday
Training: 17 miles (8:20 pace) perfect weather and company with Andrew who missed his calling as a stand-up comic 7/10
Health: legs were tired and asking to walk on all the hills 6/10
Stretching: iced & stretched later on

Aug 4 - Monday
Training: 0 miles (rest day) and a day off work too for the NB holiday
Health: ok as far as I can remember 7/10
Stretching: stretched!

Aug 5 - Tues
Training: 10 miles with 5@1/2 mar effort at 7:22 pace (7:46 overall). Felt like crap for this run and the wind, rain and hills didn't help. Better pace at the end but barely. 7/10
Health: legs hard to get going with any speed but no issues with specific areas 6/10
Stretching: dip in pond and iced & stretched later

Aug 6 - Weds
Training: 11 miles easy after work at good effort and felt good but cut run short due to lack of time and a nice salmon supper on the table (8:10 pace) 8/10
Health: legs feeling decent with nice dip in pond after run 7/10
Stretching: iced and stretched!

Aug 7 - Thur
Training: 5 miles easy so-called recovery run after work (8:07 pace) 7/10
Health: legs heavy and stiff 6/10
Stretching: icing and stretching planned!

I'm planning to run the Calais 5 mile race this weekend which will be my 1st race in quite a while, since Boston in fact. I'm a little afraid of what kind of numbers I'll be able to post but hope to at least put in a strong effort. To help with that I might just take another easy day on Friday to give myself half a chance to run decently. Wish me luck!


Garry said...

Thanks for the update Elliot Ness,"Just the facts m'am, just the facts"
The training can be a bit of a chore during the dog days of summer but you are still getting it done. Good job!

Grellan said...

Sometimes I fine it a chore to log my running activities. As long as the run get completed - that is the main thing. Best of luck at Calais. remember it's something you enjoy doing.

Thomas said...

That's a long time without racing. I hope you haven't forgotten how to push hard.

Good Luck!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Good luck with the International 5 miler! Sorry I could not make it. Michaela and the boys are away 'til next weekend and I've had to stay home to work and care for the canines. However, I will be getting some good running in this week.

Anonymous said...