Monday, December 14, 2009

Run for the balls

It's that time of year again and the many preparations for the season are under way. Lights and decorations, candles, stockings, little tiny reindeer and even tinier pace bunnies (can you spot him?) have now all been hung up with great care. But there is something very important still missing... Is it beer? Ice cream? No, it's chocolate balls!

Part way through Sunday's run with Andrew I let it slip that I had some difficulties getting through the border because of some things (gifts) that were going to be left behind and he immediately determined that we needed to run faster. Mind you with the cold temperatures of -15C we were already moving as fast as we could but we did manage to speed things up a little bit and finished our 13 mile run in about 1:50. A quick dash down to the Strawberry Patch for coffee and we were soon in chocolate heaven! Mmmm, something about running and chocolate just seems to go together.

These tasty treats have been a feature on this blog for many years now and I even revealed the complex recipe of peanut butter, dates, icing sugar, eggs and chocolate in an old post but can't seem to find it right now. Once again, we forgot to save any for Thomas so he'll just have to make his own, or is he still allergic to them?

Anyway, it was still a good if not shorter long run as I'm still having issues with my endurance which will only be fixed by a more regular routine of more running. Of note was my Santa joke which really got Andrew's funny bone and his idea for a new book about the various exploits around Boyden lake. He had an excellent title which I can't remember right now (am I losing my memory?) but maybe he can fill us in with a comment.

So, another short post as I haven't been doing that much but keep on running and enjoy the season.


Trevor said...

I spotted the waskily wabbit! Take it easy running during the holidays.

Andrew said...

The title was "I like my Balls Chocolate... Stories from the Sunday Long Run."

Other suggestions welcome.

Ewen said...

At -15C, I'd say "Cold as frozen chocolate balls!"

13 miles in 1:50 wearing 6 layers of clothing is pretty nippy in my book.

Have a happy Christmas Mike, and all the best with your running in 2010.

DawnB said...

All the best to you and your family Mike for a happy healthy new year.