Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down but not out

The final big birch tree is down and here is the view from the garden gate. Luckily I have a good neighbor with a bigger chainsaw than mine and he was willing to bring it down in exchange for the wood. It saved me a lot of work because he had a truck and carted it all away in no time at all. We also did a ring count for the trees, which were all ready to fall over with rot, and they turned out to be about the same age as me. Hopefully, this doesn't mean that I'm also ready to fall over in a heap but the way my running is going lately you never know...

Meanwhile, the running program, as far as you can call it that, is going along slowly. I took Monday off this week because my body was begging for recovery after last weeks 20 miler. The rest of the runs this week were simple easy runs of 4 to 8 miles. Friday was an especially nice day with sunshine, NO WIND, and what felt like warm temperatures of +6C and so I did a few extra miles despite still feeling lethargic. I then took Sat off because of my low energy level, but also to help with the aforesaid tree and other yard work (the fish survived another winter in their outdoor pond, even our favorite, Stubby!) but also to save it for Sunday's tough run.
Speaking of Sunday's run, today was a 12 miler with 8x1 mile repeats at a pace specified as 30-60 seconds faster than marathon pace, whatever that is. Here is the history of these runs since the program started in December and it doesn't look that good with little improvement, in fact more of a decline than anything else since then.

Today's run saw a slight pace improvement over 2 weeks ago but the legs continue to lack any spring or energy. This was despite a rest day on Saturday and a brand new Mizuno Precision trainers, specially purchased for the upcoming marathon. Not sure of what more I can say or do as I've been putting the miles in and trying but just not seeing any results so far.

This tired feeling has been with me all winter and my energy levels are low despite an easier than normal training program. My doctor is on it with me and we think it might just be a diet issue and so I'm now on iron supplements to see if that helps things. He said it may take a couple of weeks to have an effect, so here's hoping! There is only 6 weeks to go until Big Sur and so time is running out if I hope to do any more than just survive the 26.2 miles. Also a small issue of a very busy work with some looming deadlines, meetings and reports due in a few weeks. It'll just all have to come together as it always does.

Have a great week everybody and keep on getting out there!


Thomas said...

If someone comes at you with a chainsaw, you might fall like the trees, but in any other case I would not worry too much.

When I read about your chronic feelings of tiredness I thought it might be iron, but seeing as you're doing something about that already, there's not need for my unsolicited advice.

Take care!

Jerry Power said...


Good to see you back at the running and getting ready for the Big Sur, I'll need to catch up with you after that race. I had a problem with Iron a few years ago, I picked up on it at Blood Services as I'm on the platelette program and they test my blood every 2 weeks, as I get heavier into the training I need to take iron supplements. It takes about a week, but like a kick in the pants once they kick in.

Take care

Grellan said...

Hope you get your energy slump sorted Mike so that at least you can enjoy the Big Sur experience. All th best, Grellan.

Ewen said...

Your HR was lower with that one, but maybe that's the 'perfect' weather. Yes, get the diet/iron issue sorted and do less work work ;)

Nice chainsaw work - at least you're still upright and haven't succumbed to rot.

Michael said...

Hope that your energy level returns. I had iron issues a few years back, you'll bouce back if that is the issue. Just watch the recovery post-race. All the best with the next 6-weeks!

Sonhasrisenrunning said...

I'm impressed with the fact that you maintain your training.