Sunday, September 19, 2010

No excuses!

No I didn't ride off into the sunset... but we did have some lovely sunrises.
And no we didn't have to abandon ship, although we did do the drill... It's been a rather hectic several weeks now with my sea trip / research survey taking 11 days out of my running schedule. The weather was ideal until a little hurricane called Earl decided to chase us off the water.
Speaking of being chased, here I am at a recent race, the Hampton 5 miler where I was chased and passed here right in sight of the finish line. I hate it when they hang back for the last kilometer and then make a break for the finish and go zooming by me but I had nothing to respond with. It was a decent time considering my layoff with a 34:40, nearly the same as the Blueberry Run a month before.

So, I'm slowly getting back up to speed and I'm now planning for a 5k race this coming weekend. This was going to be a goal race but with the lack of consistent workouts, realistically it will be another test and a goal post on the way to the finish of the season which is only 1 month away. I'm also signed up for a 1/2 marathon on Oct. 17 and might do another 5 or 10k the week after that.

Right, so no excuses, we'll just have to see what happens, prepare as best I can and hope for the best. Have a great week!


Trevor said...

You might surprise yourself in Fredericton this weekend Mike - it's a course made for fast times. By the way, according to registrations on the Atlantic Chip site, you're signed up for the full marathon rather than the half for the KVC. A mistake, or did you decide to take the plunge and do the 26 miles?

Michael said...

Nice photos, I can't imagine life on a shiplike that. It would no doubt be interesting. Good luck with the half.

Ewen said...

Those are some mean looking life jackets!

Yes, I hate that too - especially when you don't hear them coming. Pretty good pace in my view. Good luck in the 5k - it'll be nice to read a report with k splits instead of miles.

DawnB said...

nice race. For some reason with me as well I seem to do my worst on near perfect days good luck with your up coming half.