Sunday, June 04, 2006

Running shoe hoarder (#13)

A recent post by Wobbly Man challenged the running blog world to post pictures of their shoe collections and since I've got time on my hands this Sunday waiting for the pouring rain to slow down a bit; here you go! They are nicely arranged from the current 2 pairs of active Mizuno's on the bottom step to trail shoes on the top and a pair of Nike Air Max's (top right). The Max's look newish because they are and were put into early retirement after a disgraceful Boston performance that turned my feet into one big mess. They have not been worn since!

Maybe I should give away or donate a few pairs since you can only need so many wash-the-car and mow-the-lawn shoes around. Unfortunately the total number of pairs is also 13 (eerie music) and being about to embark on a yet another marathon training program ... this is not a good omen. Must appease the running gods somehow...looks like it will be a long run in the rain and wind.

Without any adieu whatsoever, here's my PLAN for Wineglass based on Pfitzinger: More than 70 per week: 18 weeks (with modifications that have worked for me in the past). I'm the type of runner who needs to have a schedule and have been tweaking this basic formula over the past few years. It works for me and so far have been able to handle it without injury.
  • main difference is making Mondays a total rest day so only 6 days/week running
  • add more variety in long runs with some MP mixed in; start early weeks with pace
  • add 3-4 days of pushup/situp core strength & stretches every day
  • use treadmill for easy early am runs when too lazy to go outside
  • doubles are scheduled but may be eliminated depending on how I feel or may be added in too
  • 2 additional easy runs, 6e or (6e am + 4e pm) to make up total mileage with HR<130>
  • work in tempo runs once per week with some variety and progression over plan
  • progression pace runs; starting slow, slow and building up to 10k at end (from Duncan)
  • mile or hill repeats starting at 3-4 and work up to 10-13!
  • work in MP runs at least once per week and build up to close to 30k 3-4 weeks out
  • can afford to lose a few lbs and watch the diet for sweets and beer/wine
  • hill repeats down/up of 800-1000m at MP+ with easy jog btw; still need hills as this is a downhill course
  • @ paces = MP marathon Pace, 1/2 marathon, 5K race paces 4e = 4 miles easy; st = strides am / pm = morning or afternoon
Plus 'Summer of Mike' from 'Summer of Malmo' or 'Summer of Caveman'
  • doubles as much as possible and increase mileage gently and 'within' comfort zone
  • one tempo session every week of 4-6 miles at faster than MP
  • one longer or shorter inverals session per week to work on speed with alternating weeks of
  • a - shorter 4-6x1000-2000m with 1 lap jogs between
  • b - fast short repeats 16-24x150-400m with full recovery (walk if you have to)
  • c - repeats can also be done on the road by time/distance (5:00 easy, 5:00 hard, repeat)
The gory details are: And now it's time to put up or shutup. This is the current situation outside and I'm located near (southeast) to St. Stephen. It's looking like it may clear a bit soon but then again it may not.
The 'plan' says 17 and so we'll just have to 'make it so'.

See you later and wish me luck ;-)


Olga said...

Great approach, loved the plan and the look-back!
As for shoes - google "Shoes4Africa". Don't collect them, please:)

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I'm back and trying to catch up. Still a tad tired from yesterday - long day. But heh, you can read all about it once its posted but that may take a couple of days.

I love the shoe picture. I may tackle that one in a few days.

Unknown said...

Looks like a solid plan and I am sure you are a much better planner than I am. Nice collection of shoes, but I think it may be time to get rid of a few. That way you can buy more.

Thomas said...

That's a very interesting variation to the Pfitzinger plan, especially with the hills that Pfitz has completely missed in his schedules. I'll have to think about that - not this time round, but for the next time.

Legs and Wings said...

I love the shoes Mike. Great picture. That plan you've cooked up looks pretty wild too.

Anonymous said...