Saturday, August 05, 2006

Holiday week update

Is my week of holidays almost over already? I've been so busy that there hasn't even been time to blog or to keep up with the blogs that I like to read. I guess that's a good thing but I still don't know where the week went, maybe another week off is in order...

Monday - rest day, busy doing yard work, clearing the weed field over our septic field so that it can be mowed

Tues - took the bike to St. Stephen/Calais and dropped in on Andrew at his spiffy office for a quick visit. He certainly looks alot different in the shirt and tie as opposed to running vest and shorts. We had a nice chat about our running travails and it seems that he is making progress getting a bunch of short runs in with some good total mileage. It was great to see him again and next weekend we'll get together with Marc when we all do the Calais International 5 mile race. That should be alot of fun with definite bragging rights to the winner and plenty of good excuses for the non-winners, I'm quite certain. Let me see there is, undertrained, over-trained, just training through, hope to begin training soon, not racing, just a tempo run etc etc!

After getting back from Calais I went for a nice 9 mile run that turned into 10 in about 81:00. No problems, ran at a nice easy pace and the temps were mild with cloud cover to blocking the sun.

Weds - we had a forecast weather advisory today for the heat and humidity and so I got going early at 7am in an attempt to 'beat the heat'. I was late so it didn't work but was still able to put in the workout which was 9 mi with 6x800. Average was around 3:12 with about 2:00 rest between each one, finished off with a few easy miles and then a dip in the pond to cool off.

Thurs - the temperature and humidity cooled off today and so this was just an easy 10 miles done as one run instead of 2 short ones. Legs felt heavy from the speed session the day before but other than that things went well.

That night the Power clan got together for a surpise party for my younger sister who will be turning 50 very soon. Can you pick the queen out of the crowd?

Friday - easy 4 miles early at 6:36 am as part of the daily double. This was followed by 11 miles in the early afternoon but once again that stupid achilles was bothering me at first. Stopped and did a few stretches and was able to complete the run. Next week I promise to be better with my non-running routines. Later that evening we drove to PEI to visit with Steph. Here's the standard beach sunset picture I took after a nice day on the island.

Saturday - early morning run around downtown Charlottetown on the trails and then on the streets to finish for a total of 8 miles. Used the Garmin map mode to help find my way back to the start but wasn't really that lost. Final tally for this cutback week was 68 miles and now only 7 more weeks to go.


Phil said...

Nice family shot! Your pictures are always so much fun. Your pond pictures from last week were a particular favorite.

Did you run your 800s on a track, or over the rolling hills near your house? 3:12 repeats is impressive, more so if you did them on the road.

Hope this week goes as well.

Love2Run said...

Thanks Phil, the pond and garden are in prime condition and it's fun to share a few pics.

The nearest track is about 1/2 hr away so I did them on the roads using one of the few flattish pieces of road I could find. Might get to the track later on just to groundtruth me and my Garmin.

Have a good week as well.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Another good excuse for the International 5 miler is that it is almost entirely uphill..has Andrew mentioned that?

Looks like your training is going well for Wineglass. I noticed in an earlier post that you have been having some motivation issues. Seems to be going around this time of year.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Anonymous said...