Thursday, August 17, 2006

Recovery progression week

It's been a strange week but reality has finally come back to this neck of the woods as I begin to recover from my weekend exploits. The marathon was easy, felt easy, with no soreness or discomfort in the legs during the run or afterward. The next day I felt fine with no stiffness in the leg muscles and only a little stiffness in the hip joints, no worse than usual after my long runs.

However, when my feet hit the pavement on Tuesday it was a different story as I ran a very easy 6 miles around town. The legs were not stiff or sore but rather were very tired and heavy, almost as it I was wearing ankle weights or lead boots. Struggled to get the run in and then was rewarded with an aching hip for the rest of the day as I hobbled around the office.

Weds was a marginal improvement in mileage with 7 miles in the warm sun that Andrew was also enjoying near the same time in Calais. My run was much slower than his starting out at 9:00 pace and only improving marginally from there. Again, very heavy legs and looking for the run to be over. I guess the 26.2 did take a little out of the tank...

Today, Thurs was an other small increment in mileage to 9 miles but this time the legs felt much fresher from the get-go but then died out after about 5 and slogged the last part of the run. The 1st part was also faster (about 8:00 pace) because the other Andrew (from work) came out with me today and he was feeling good, so I had to keep up. Hmm, maybe he has bunny in him too? What a perfect day today with mid-20C temps, warm but not hot, light sea breeze, lovely!

Plan for Friday is 14-15mi and then off to PEI to move Steph to Nova Scotia. I understand that runners get hurt more often doing heavy lifting than they do running because the rest of their body is so underdeveloped. Hopefully this won't be the case and I can get through the weekend unscathed and with a few well placed runs between the driving and packing. Wish me luck and have a great weekend everyone!


Andrew said...

I routinely refuse to do any heavy lifting. It's just bad business. What you give up isn't worth the box or piece of furniture moved. Good luck and tell your daughter to pick a province and stay there.

Steph said...

Will try not to pack boxes too heavy for ya ;) Besides, I need to be able to lift and carry them around the house too. hehe. See you soon!!

Phil said...

Nice to know that you are human and actually have to take a few days to recover after runing 26 miles non-stop. Sounds like you are recovering quickly and I suspect you'll be back up to full speed by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...