Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just blab it out

After a relatively nice, easy recovery week it's back to the office both in the real world where you get paid for your efforts and in the play world, where, well you know. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with interesting things to put in this thing so please bear with me if it's just the ORN.

Monday - rest day feeling fine. We had a decent snowfall (6 or 8 inches) on Monday with the schools closed at noon

Tues - bit of a cool day at -8C and windchill of -16C but got well layered up and had a nice if not slow run. The roads were very slippery and often felt like I was sliding back about 6 inches per step. And this is with my trusty Yaktrax in place. Without them I'd have been doing faceplants and snow angels. I think this is a nice form of resistance training that is much like running on sand dunes. Total of 8 miles in 71:00 but the heartrate was high for such a slow pace.

Weds - extreme windchill here today, around -30 in both C and F and was told by Coach not to even 'think' about running outside today. Why not? I can dress for it... Heard the usual 'freeze your lungs' stuff from co-workers and decided to go with the flow and run indoors on the treadmill. It's been awhile since I've used it because of our ridiculously mild winter and it took a mile or so to get into the rthym of the thing again. Started out at 7 mph (8:30 pace) and slowly ramped up the speed by 0.1 mph every 1/4 mile, working up to 8.6 mph (6:53 pace) before dropping down and starting up the scale again. It made for a nice speedy feeling (but sweaty) workout that lasted just 64 minutes for the 8 miles.

And that's all she wrote. Good running!


Michael said...

That is some cold weather, and I was worried about -10C. Best of luck, it's all downhill toward spring time.

Jamie Anderson said...

Nice job! Running has definitely been a bit more challenging this week.

Olga said...

-30C! Yikes! I don't want to even think about it! You, guys, here in the blogland are true inspirations! I guess I won't complain tomorrow on a mild 0C and bits of freezing rain then:)

Phil said...

At -30F/C I wouldn't have the guts to get out of bed. Nice job getting the miles in, both outside and inside.