Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lazy week

It's about time that I reported in with the weeks activities which have been slack on the running front. The idea was to take an easy week with 50% of daily mileage to give me a bit of a break and also to take the pressure to run off while at meetings all week. The plan seemed to work as it turned out to be hard to even get the short runs in. OK, short and sweet here goes.

Monday - rest day, dodgy drive to Dartmouth in a snow storm

Tues - meetings all day but able to co-ordinate a run with Anthony, our team captain for the Cabot Trail relay. He's only 2 weeks away from doing the Miami marathon and is very fit and ready to gun for his goal of 3:40. We had a great chat as we zoomed along the darkened streets but the run was over too quickly with much left to say. 5 miles covered and conversation to be continued.

Weds - crazy day with work and then a really rushed short run before going out to supper with collegues from the meeting. Went hard on a hilly out and back for 3.5 miles from the hotel and the pace was down to about 7:25 for the effort. The meal at Salty's was amazing!

Thurs - another crazy meetings all day , day finally over! Met Anthony again for another short run and again I spent most of the run just trying to slow him down a little. This guy is really ready to kick butt in Miami! After the run we met at a local Irish pub, Celtic Corner with great locally brewed beer and live music. It was a nice evening after a hectic week with good friends.

Friday - up early with time for my favorite run when I visit the Halifax-Dartmouth area which takes me between the 2 bridges and across the Macdonald bridge to the city of Halifax (screenshot below). The sun was just starting to come up and the crisp morning air made for a great 1hr (med-long run for this week). Then the long 5 hr drive to get home at last
Sat - time for a quick 30 minute run in the morning while waiting for our fireplace mantle to be delivered. It's a beautiful piece of furniture that now only needs the heat throwing device that will sit in the middle. Something tells me we'll be needing this soon as the cold arctic air rolls in from out west.

Total for the slacker week was 44 miles with 6hr of running. The body feels recovered somewhat with no aches and pains but there isn't much spring in the legs despite the low mileage. Perhaps a little work break will be in order to refresh the brain.

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DawnB said...

you did great getting in 44 miles with the schedule you had!!