Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blowing in the wind

It's hard to tell which way the wind is blowing lately and this photo is a case in point.

I've been a busy guy but still finding time to run as per the master plan and occasionally have enough energy to blab a little bit about it during the quiet winter evenings. We've had 2 snowfalls already this week and a couple more are forecast for the weekend. Hopefully it won't mess up my plans for the longer long run on Sunday. The old hams are still bugging me as I continue to try ignoring the messages being received by the dull brain. If I'm still able to run it must not be a real problem/injury, right? Maybe I'll call for an appointment (next week...) when I have more time.

Monday - glorious rest day after my 15+2 medium long run with the Boys of Boyden

Tues - more easy running with 10 miles split up into a 4 mile early morning treadmill and 6 mile outdoor run at lunch. Not feeling too inspired but got the runs in with some sub 8 miles thrown in by accident.

Weds - the dreaded mid-week medium long run and this time I didn't go play volleyball instead of running. We had a good dumping of snow overnight with local schools again canceled and so I thought the chances of getting a 15 miler in today would be slim to none except on a treadmill. But surprise, the mild temperatures cleared the roads off and all that was needed was a bit of persistence or maybe just dumb bullheadedness. After the 1st 6 mile loop of our local township I was severely tempted to call it a day but instead just kept on trudging along. The legs felt good for the most part and only 'pinged' a bit at the end of the ordeal. Avg pace of 8:23 and hr 129.

Thurs - today was just an easy 6 miles and it went very slowly as I allowed myself to hide the watch and run just for recovery. Avg pace of 8:42 and hr 125. It was a nice clear day and got yet another angle on our local landmark Algonquin Hotel. Bet you can't wait for some summer shots of the tourists in the pool!

Not looking forward to Friday's torture session but the anticipation is always worse than the deed itself. Happy running!


Garry said...

Another good week so far. Watch the old hammies! I must sound like a salesman for the Trigger Point massager, but those things work amazing on hamstrings.

Grellan said...

Accidentally runniung faster! Now I could do with some of that.

Sometimes long runs feel like drudgery but there is great satisfaction in getting them finished (or perhaps relief that the regret of cuting them short or replacing them with volleyball is avoided)

DawnB said...

Hope Friday went well for you.