Friday, February 08, 2008

Fear of the unknown

After a couple of easy days to start the week off, the plan was to bear down with a couple of more significant efforts. It didn't happen right away as everything seemed to conspire against anything to do with running.

Weds - First there was more snow and slush to contend with, and there's the ever present work monster, closely followed by general lethargy and fear of the big workouts. It's harder for me to get in the mid-week medium long distances than it is for any weekend long run. So what did I do? Jumped on the treadmill for 5 easy miles ( including one at MP just for fun) and then went and played 'volleyball' for 2 hours. I can hear Andrew complaining loudly already... "you did what?". I was bored, I was lazy, I was trying to avoid the big workout.

Thurs - went much better because it was finally time for the rubber to meet the road as I worked through lunch and came home early to do my 14 miler mid-week run. I'm not sure where the energy came from because I was very tired all day at work and barely functioning without extra strength coffee. However, once things were finally at the point of no return and the Gatorade started to kick in the run went very well. Total time of 1:58 and heartrate at 130 and the legs were good except for some hamstring soreness in the last mile. 'Decent run' says the log.

Friday - more energy in the tank today and pulled the same trick, working through lunch again and getting 'out' early. Finally the run that I'd been dreading all week, by the book it says "Lactate Threshold, 11 mi w/6mi @15k to 1/2 marathon pace". After just doing the 14 miler, I wasn't even sure this was in the realm of possibility on tired legs. But after 3 easy miles of warm-up there was still something to give as the splits went by nicely in 712, 705, 711, 707, 714 and then I stopped! "What's the matter? Can't you count, Power?". Feeling a bit stupid I took an easy midrun 3/4 mile break and then worked the last mile in 714 to average out at 710 and heartrate of 148. Finished the run with an easy 1.5mi for a total of 11 in 1:28.

Sat - I've got 6 miles planned which will put me down at 64 for the week. What started out as a mediocre or even almost failed plan all came together in the end. Persistence wins again. Have a nice weekend!


Andrew said...

Successful week anyway, wow! Those workouts look really tough.

My leg is coming along slowly but I think I'll be ok for tomorrow.

Thomas said...

2 hours of volleyball from the guy who gave out to me every time I mentioned the word soccer!

Nice tempo run, but how did you figure out that you still had a mile to go?

Love2Run said...

Yeah, I know but I'd been tasked to open the gym and set up the nets, so what could I do?

Re: keeping track, what clued me in was adding a 3mi w/up + 6mi tempo but the watch said 8 miles instead of 9. It had been in lap mode so I could watch the average pace for each mile and control myself from going too fast (or work harder when I slowed). I forgot about not being able to count when in oxygen deficit!

Grellan said...

Now that the "unknown" is known is the fear gone?

Well done on getting back on programme

Garry said...

You managed to cobble together a pretty decent week. Nice little speed work session thrown in there as well, even though you struggled with the math part of it!

DawnB said...

you're doing well with your traing Mike sometimes we just never know what will come of the week. Just remember you made this one happen!!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you managed to get back to the grindstone after "fooling" around on the volleyball court. I think we all need a little break like that every once in awhile.