Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cool running

After a 4 week lay off due to weather and various commitments I finally got back together for a great long run with the guys at Boyden Lake this morning. It was a lovely sunny day with starting temperature of -5C (23F) but a cool north wind of 10-20mph made us happy we had an extra layer on and warm headgear. It warmed up a bit during the almost 3 hour run as we covered 20 miles over hill and dale but not a whole lot, barely reaching the freezing point.
I'm amazed that this shot turned out as we roll along at full stride. Notice the shadow taking our picture for us! Maybe I can use this new technique come Boston in a few weeks?

Lot's of good conversation today with the topics of food and banking at the forefront. We did squeeze in a few funny stories about trunk monkeys (warning you may laugh until you cry) and 101 year old marathoners and of course Andrew's jokes (groan). But you have to take the good with the bad, I guess.

Post run pose after Jon was finally able to pick up his hat off the ground.

It was 'A beautiful 20 miles'. Great fun guys!

My official taper now begins. Have a nice week all.


Arcane said...

Enjoy the taper!

Michael said...

It sound slike you had a fantastic run, enjoy your well deserved taper and good luck!

Grellan said...

You're getting very handy with the camera - action shots and all! When you can get that type of shot on a 5k race and look that composed i'll be very impressed.

No talk of chocolate balls or any post run treats - I can see you heading for an 11 out of 10 this week.

Garry said...

Great run and week. Things appear to be coming together well for all the things you can control, including the photography! Take care of yourself over the next few weeks.

Dubs said...

Nice pics! Watch out for the trunk monkey.