Sunday, December 28, 2008

Running with the Birthday Boy

The holiday season is drawing to a close and I simply couldn't resist one last night shot of the locally famous Christmas house here in St. Andrews. Can you imagine what their power bill must be like for the month of December?

Today's run was another jaunt around Boyden Lake with just Andrew (aka - The Birthday Boy). He started about 1/2 hour before me so as to get a few extra miles and I just did 17 miles as my hams are not quite ready for much more than that. We took it very nice and slow with a stretching and a water break but by the end of the run my legs were aching and I was very happy to stop. Other highlights besides the bad jokes (i.e. 2 cowboys were sitting around the campfire...) included seeing only 1 car over the 1st 10 miles, a nice food reward at the end of the run and just missed hitting a deer on the return journey. Andrew would also like you to notice above how his shoes nicely match his hair color (or so I was informed between bad jokes).

Other running bits from last week:

Weds - 8 miles easy on snow covered roads

Thurs - 4 miles slow and easy after opening of gifts with our missing son on a Skype video link

Friday - 10 miles easy in new running gear at -10C but was almost too warm when the wind was behind me

Sat - 7 miles easy in the fresh snow and saw 9 (nine) rascally deer in a herd and then 2 more later on

Total of 44 miles in 6 runs for the week

100 Pushup Challenge is on-going as I work my way through week 6 at level 2. On Sat. it had me doing 9 sets for a total of 207 and a max of 45 in the last set which I failed (53 was the target). It's going to be a few more week before I get to the end of this program!

That's all for now but I'm working on my 2008 summary and more frequent but shorter posts in the New Year. Take care and keep on running!


Andrew said...

A good run Mike! I had another joke for you but I forgot to tell it. Guess I'll save it for next week.

Thomas said...

You're starting to scare me with your push-ups!

Grellan said...

I'm inclined to agree with Thomas but remain very impresed with your push-up progress. As i'm still in aerobic mode i'll leave the challenge until i'm well into 2009.

bricey said...

Great Christmas lights. Lots of coloured graphs in your '08 summary please. Happy new year

Michael said...

Week 6, well done! I'm starting at week 3 again, for the third time! Good luck with all your training in the months to follow and I hope to meet you in Boston. Cheers and have a great 2009!

Ewen said...

I get it - 'cowboys', 'campfire'...

Now if your shoes matched the stripes on your safety vest you'd be quite a pair.

The deer story reminds me about a mate who just missed a kangaroo (drove over the end of its tail) on the way to a run once. Made for a good story!

Anonymous said...