Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chinks in the armour (2)

I'm having issues with my blog or it could just be blogger losing comments etc so I'm re-posting this.

There's a nice article in Marathon and Beyond called Running as Armour which goes into what the author, a doctor, declares are some of the benefits of a running habit. I must agree with most of them but some days it feels like the habit is tearing down the body rather than keeping it invunerable to life's knocks.

For example, I woke up this morning with very tight sore achilles, calves and hamstring, in fact the entire back of one leg was like a giant cord of knots. Tight, tight, tight despite 1/2 hour of stretching last evening and a long tempo run staring me in the face today. Forecast was for wind and lots of rain and so decided to take the van to work to save energy (that turned out to be a great decision). Still tight and a bit sore all morning thinking 'Man, how can I run like this?' but miracles happen and once the shoes were laced on things started to improve.

The plan called for 12 miles with 6@1/2 marathon pace which I decided to do as an out and back run. However, dummy decided to leave his gloves and headband behind at the start with warm feel like temperatures and the wind at my back initially. Regretted this for the entire 2nd half but had other small miseries to keep me occupied, that is fighting the 30km headwind while trying to keep the effort up. Reverted to alot of counting and some yelling at the sky for some portions and only managed to do the return leg 4 minutes faster than the slow jog out. It was so nice to be finished even though the tempo pace was much slower than planned, not even marathon pace today (ouch).

An unexpected reward and another chink off the armour after the run was a stiff neck and back that just came from nowhere...'what gives, am I falling apart?' or maybe it's just a lack of ice cream! That will go good with a nice homemade peach cobbler that magically appeared after weeks of incessant whining and moaning for more dessert.

Which reminds me, the Readers Digest (hey, it's a nice light read) reports that the current New Yorker has a cartoon of 2 dogs. "I had my own blog for a while," one says to the other, "but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking."


Love2Run said...

another test; sorry if your comment got lost but it wasn't me!

Mr.Cornelia said...

Hold together Dad! I'm sure the ice cream and peach cobbler (I'm jealous!) will work wonders. Combine that with an evening of lounging on the cushy sofa in front of the big screen and you've got yourself a winning combination!

You're doing a great job keeping your blog interesting - even for a non-runner like me. I'm even looking forward to Boston! ;) Keep up with the fun posts and I'll try to chime in more often.


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

All this talk of ice cream and the tub hubby bought a few days ago is gone.

I still have the comment from yesterday in my email.

Hi Mike. Another friend commented on her post that blogger was once again acting weird. I guess it has a few "chinks in its armour".

Interesting point of vew. While running sometimes gives us aches and pains today I am more aware of how running may help me health wise.

Great job on the running this week, sorry haven't been around, lots going on. As for leaving things at home and regretting it. On days where I can't decide, I pin such items to my top layer or waist belt and then have them if I need them.

Love2Run said...

Hey Dawn,
We missed you! Thanks for the comment, wait till you hear sundays post about a body breaking down! It's gonna take alot of ice cream to fix it back up ;-)

I was lazy on friday and actually had my warm extras but dumped them in the car 'to save weight' (ha!)


Anonymous said...