Sunday, February 19, 2006

Still b-logging away

Logging and blogging the runs somehow makes it a bit more manageable, don't ask me how or why but it's true. Just like you don't want to ask me why I run and put miles according to my optimistic plan no matter the cost to body and soul. It just is and happens cause it's written down and I've gone public with my goals. A few threads from the web...

> "Commitment" is an observer's word, not a participant's. People
> who are committed show it. They don't usually have any reason to use the
> word itself.

"I am reminded of the old joke regarding commitment when it concerns the
production of bacon and eggs for breakfast. "The chicken is involved but
the pig is COMMITTED!" And in at least one ... project, all the client
participants showed up the day after the joke wearing pig's noses to show
they were committed to the project... "

Should I wear a pig's nose for our next group run? But then again, just showing up and doing it is the key point. I like the old Nike theme of 'just do it!'.

Today's run was a nice group run of 16 miles in the freezing cold with Andrew & Jon. The company made the run alot more bearable. Actual temps were -17C (0F) with 10-20mph NW winds making for a windchill of -26C (or -17F) but with enough layers (see yesterday's post), vaseline on exposed skin and other buddies to take turns breaking trail it was not that bad. We did the usual 13.5mi loop around Boyden lake followed by a few extra to make up the distance we each needed.

Not alot to report about the run, no dogs - they were all safely indoors, few cars as usual, the usual conversations about food begining about 1/2 way into the run. We also had the false impression that Steph might show up with coffee and fresh baked muffins but that was just a pipe dream. The pace was good today as we worked hard to keep warm and I felt reasonably strong and fresher than expected for most of the run. The legs did get a little sore/tired near the end but this is to be expected. A nice run and oh so nice to stop and get warmed up, my feet are still cold.

Total for the week 67 miles, year-to-date 507 and only 8 weeks to Boston from tomorrow!


Unknown said...

507 miles for the year! That's a good way to start the year off right. The weather in your area makes the 20 degree and no wind we had this morning sound a bit warmer.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

That's an incredible amount of mileage considering we haven't even done two months this year. I'm just shy of 100km. You've already logged well over 5 times my mileage. WOW!

Company for a run always does two things. One it gets you out there and two it can help keep you going.

Way to "just do it!" I'm off to eat some ice cream and watch a movie. Laterz

Anonymous said...