Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just hanging in

Yup, still here, almost recovered from Sunday's long run effort but all the running is having an effect. Now, maybe the head cold would have happened anyway. It seems to be going around the office and Uncle Otto keeps feeding me cough drops for the cold he got from his teen. But the draggy body, sore legs and wiped out, falling asleep at my desk feeling I had yesterday was running related for sure.

Once tried to run 7 days a week but it only lasted for about ... 1 week. Mondays are the most important running day of the week and they are 'my day of rest and healing'. I can't comprehend running streaks of months at a time, like Animal Lydiard Mike let slip in a recent post (oh yeah he missed a day, on Aug 4!!). That is nuts and praiseworthy at the same time but he's simply following his plan which says 'run!'.

Similiarly if my plan says run xx miles, then it gets done if the body and weather allows but this morning it wasn't so sure. For some reason I'm developing extreme tightness in the back of my left leg behind the knee in the hamstring area and could hardly walk down the stairs to get to the treadmill. (note to dummy/self: stretch every night, before every run and after 1st mile too). So, hobbled down the stairs to the mill and started out at a walk for 1/4 mile....not bad, loosening up, slow jog 6mph ... hey I can do this, barely, a little faster now ! Ended up with 4 very slow miles but got the run in!

Lunchtime plan was for another 6 and the same story as before, stiff and tight leg, actually limping up and down the hall (try to take breaks from the computer every 1/2 hour at least) to try to loosen it up. And then, lace on the shoes magic, a few stretches, easy-easy short choppy jog, more stretches and the run went amazingly well, just a little slow. It was a really nice day with sunshine, light wind, and just a bit below the freezing point. Felt fine after, except for the limp that came back again (looking for sympathy?) and the walk home tonite was nice and relaxing.

And so...the verdict is that I'm surviving so far, but just hanging it. My notes called for a re-evaluation this week to see how things are going and if the plan needed any tweaks or reductions if not able to maintain. If I can get through this week and the coming weekend's tempo 10/20 mile race in Somesville, Maine on Mount Desert Island then next week is only a recovery week followed by 8 more weeks to B-day!!


Andrew said...

I know how you feel! I get to the point occasionally where I limp around and have a general malaise about me. For me it's been overtraining. But where does it start and where does it end? It's easy to say "take a break" but at what cost and how long? Trouble.

I am looking forward to Sunday's run in Somesville. Pick me up in Perry on your way through? I'll be the lonely frozen runner that's reflecting in the middle of the highway.

Unknown said...

I need rest days as well. I have tried the run every day plan before and have made it maybe 13 days. It sounds great and all, but I usually benefit from one day off a week.

Mike said...

Eight weeks left, I can't believe how time flies! I think everyone handles the miles differently, and I used to take a day off every week but I never seemed to feel any better afterwards. When I consider it now, Lydiard's voice echoes in my head-"As long as you get out there, even if it's just fifteen minutes...you're still winning!" With a visible limp I would probably reconsider though.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I agree with Mike, every runner is different. I know I couldn't run everyday at this stage but who knows about down the road (pardon the pun).

8 weeks, wow, before you know it, it will be race morning.

Love2Run said...

Hey, thanks for the encouragement all! Feeling much better today and looking forward to Sunday. I'll try not to run over that Perry runner while trying driving down-west so early in the morning.

Anonymous said...