Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Evil Watch and the slow runner

Where to start? I'm hot and cold, fast and slow, energized and then exhausted and now just a blank mind and a tired body. Mmmm, maybe some ice cream and bagels would help...

That's better!

After Sunday's great run with Andrew it was nice to take the day off on Monday and relax a bit unlike A who just turns around and cranks out another 15. What a machine he is turning into! But I need my rest, so despite having a day off I slept in on Tues instead of doing an early morning run. Not a great start to the week but made it up at lunch time with a quick and easy 6 mile loop around town (7:58 pace). That evening I had nearly given up on the 2nd run of the day until the guilt trip hit me just as the sun was about to set. What the heck, it's only a few miles, and I was out the door for a really nice 4 miles in the cool evening air along the roads & trails (this time at 7:40 pace, what gives?).

Wednesday's plan called for 12mi with 6x1200 which didn't seem so intimidating after last week's 10x800 but you never know how things will pan out. Started off with a nice easy 3 miles before stashing the water bottle in the bushes by the high school. The plan of attack today was to do the run back and forth around the Point which is one of the few flattish areas of more than a few hundred meters around here. With the trusty Garmin setup for the session including 2:00 rest breaks I was off. The 1st couple came in at 4:53 followed by a slightly quicker one at 4:49. Next was a 5:03 on a slight return uphill as I was beginning to tire and the watch started to run faster (though it seemed that the interval was never going to end). Finished with an average of 4:56 (6:35/mi pace) and assumed the 'hok' position known by all runners. But the run was not yet over; still had 3+ miles left to finish off the 12 miles. Did a slow jog with a water stop at the town square and was barely able to make it back home. Whew!

Thursday was just an easy 8 miles with 'the other Andrew' from work. He did the 1st 5 miles with me or should I say, dragged me around the loop. My legs were tight and my achilles acted up again for the 1st mile or so before going away just as quickly. Finished off with another short slow loop for an avg pace of 8:17. No more quick feet today. That night it was mostly me horizontal on the couch and too tired to even blog...

Friday! Yay, the weekend is almost here! But there is still that nasty midweek run that I've been delaying all week. Unlike Andrew there is no way in h#%& that I'm getting up at 3:30am in the morning to do an 18 mile run. My more civilized plan is to sleep in and to then slip out of work early at 3:30pm, after making up the time at lunch! And the 2nd secret to my evil plan was to cut the run short at only 14 miles after zigging and zagging the trails and backstreets of our little town. That beer was really good tonite! (avg pace 8:04)

On tap for the weekend is an easy 8-10 on Saturday and then a 5 mile race on Sunday in Hampton. I may or may not add some more miles to make up for the missed long run miles but will see how I feel. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking...

Good running all!


DawnB said...

Thank you for visiting and your good wishes. I should be in bed and I will, just got home from my son's game. Have a great weekend.

Andrew said...

You are getting as bad as Marc with these "dragging" 8 minute miles. Must I teach both of you how to run a 9:30 mile?? No wonder you're beat. Shuffle man! Shuffle!

That 12 miles with 6x1200... That sounds like a tough workout. A couple of weeks ago I did 10 miles with 7x1200 at the same pace you did and was really beat afterward. (And I had a 1200 meter / 7:00 minute rest between repeats!)

You know, on your next cycle if you ditch these 6 milers and become the first Canadian to see the sunrise, you can do longer singles. It negates the nasty effect entirely of the 15 mile midweek run. Er... because you're doing 15 miles every other day. It's great.

Just think, you're at work, it's 9am, your head lying on the blotter - but you've got your run in! Daily success before lunch. Now that's a good day.

I'm serious about these recovery jogs though. I'm seeing a lot of folks running their easy just "slightly" slower than their race pace. Widen the gap, slow it down.

Good luck Sunday.

Anonymous said...