Saturday, September 09, 2006

Harriers - A True Story

On a side note I just finished reading an interesting book about cross country running written by 2 high school runners. It's called Harriers and was written by Joseph and Paul Shrivers, two cousins on the Salem, Ohio cross country team. This true story is quite inspiring and I found it very well written with each chapter leaving me satisfied and looking for more, though it was a little slow at first. I was sorry to see the end of the book and would recommend this book to runners of all ages and interests.

The reason I'm telling you about this is that the publisher, Lora, found me in blog land and asked me to do a review of the book in return for a free copy of the book. At first I was ready to order the book on my own at only $5.95 but then how often do you get something for free now-a-days? In the end I'm glad to have read the book and am always looking for more good stories about running. I also plan to talk to the coach of the local high school x-country team and see if he is interested in getting copies of the book for the entire team.

The book is available at Amazon or directly from the publisher.