Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More boring runs

To follow on a theme recently proposed by Andrew, here are a few short words on the boring running as of late now that taper is seriously on.

Monday - rest day, a few niggle aches and pains and some extra tiredness from the marathon pace workout on Sunday

Tuesday - still a little tired but it was a nice mild day for a run and ended up with 8.5 miles at 8:17 pace including a few strides with walking between. Resting heartrate was 38-40 so I'm well recovered in that department. It will take more time for the legs to completely recover from the many weeks of increasing intensity.

Weds - an easy, easy 6 miles at 8:18 pace with a temp of 16C (60F) in the pouring down rain and it felt great! Love to run in the rain (if it's not too cold). Still feeling a little lethargic (no spring in the legs) and the achilles is still a pain for the 1st mile.

Planning for Wineglass is now fully completed, hotels and places to stay are booked, departure time and itinerary is also being firmed up. I hope Marc has lots of beer and ice cream cause there won't be any holding back after the run.

That's it! Just a short boring post about short easy runs. Happy running!


Andrew said...

It'd be best if Marc just brought the beer and ice cream to the finish don't you think?

Taper running is all about recovery and it is telling that the body needs two weeks of mileage reduction to do this. When I was running the good miles at least I thought I had something to blog about. Now I realize I don't! ha ha!

[rich] said...

Lots of beer sounds good :-P well red wine :-)

Anonymous said...