Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tis' the Season

Only 24 more sleeps...

Just thought you also needed to know that there are only 142 days left to go to the Boston Marathon on April 21. My original post title was going to be '112 days to the 112th' but that doesn't make sense. My countdown timer had gone wacko for some reason so I pulled out a real paper calendar and used my fingers and toes. On Monday it will be exactly 20 weeks to go. That's less than 5 months or 14 x 10 day cycles. It just goes to show that you should never trust a computer program. I had to add an extra month in the date to get it to work correctly.

BTW - I got my new timer from Bob and he better get cracking for the Disney Marathon in only 12 days (NOT!) Bob, you also have your comments turned off on us so I couldn't leave you a wake up call.

The past week has been a fine easy running week for me. I got a total of 50 miles in 6 runs and will continue to edge the mileage up for the next few weeks before I start my dedicated Boston marathon 18 week plan. The knee issues seem to have gone completely away now that I've switched to newer shoes and only had one or two 'pings' all week. Then again there always seems to be some little aches and pains that appear and then tend to go away if you just ignore it (right Thomas?).

Weds - roller coaster weather continued with a drop from +9C to -4C as I just did an easy 7 mile around town loop from work. Even managed to shower and get back in time to the meeting that had adjourned for 'lunch'. It's a good thing that the service in local restaurants can be slow and they were late getting back!

Thurs - roller coaster up with temp of +5C today. Another lunchtime 7 miles and back again for the same meeting which was still going on and on

Friday - meetings finally over and so I took a little extra time to do 9 miles with 4 miles at a tempo effort (although the pace was barely marathon pace at 7:15 to 7:45). Roller coaster down to -2C with strong westerly winds. The legs and knee was perfect and I had that 'pleasantly tired' feeling that Lydiard talks about after the run. It's a great feeling but only happens rarely.

Sat - easy 5 miles this morning with the roller coaster grounded out now at -4C and strong northerly wind making windchill of -13C (or 9F). The extra layer and neck protector came in handy on the return leg into the wind.

Now just resting up and keen to get out early with Andrew around Boyden Lake in the morning. It's going to be cool -10C (14F) with moderate winds (10-20mph) forecast in the morning so we'd better have a few extra layers ready.

Have a great week everyone! Christmas is coming (too fast) !!


Steph said...

The fireplace looks great :) (missing a stocking for Cody though...)

Sounds like you're having some nicer weather than us in PEI. Hope it continues when I come home. Has the treadmill been in use at all? I will have to pull it out of storage while you brave the roads. ;)

See you soon!

Michael said...

I hope it snows:)

Thomas said...

Oh yes, injuries always go away if you ignore them long enough, don't they?

Oh, and new shoes tend to help, too. I've made that discovery myself as well.

Hope you had a great run with Andrew.

Dubs said...

Great week and I can't get over your temps! Glad you are able to run at lunch - supposed to be the warmest time of the day - so burrrrrrr!! I can't imagine night or morning!

A. Power said...
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A. Power said...

Looks like you're having great weather! It's been around -15*C here, plus windchill, so it feels like -25*C. The fireplace looks really nice! Can't wait to see everyone over the holidays :)


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

What, no running socks hung by the fire with care?

DawnB said...

Mike the weather been up and down here as well. I just take it as it comes.