Friday, December 28, 2007


A fresh snowfall is really quite beautiful but unfortunately you have to shovel it and so I had a one hour upper body workout clearing the driveway before my run. The temperature had stayed cold and the snow was still light and fluffy making it easier work (with help ;-).

Eventually I made my way out the door and on the roads for an easy/regular pace 9 mile run as called for in the plan according to Pfitz. The only choice was to decide which route would have the best footing and of course, the best photo opportunities. They never seem to do a very good job of the roads inside the town limits on the day of a storm so I headed out on the highway which is usually better maintained with wide shoulders. It was a good plan today with fairly light traffic and a small layer of slush along the side of the road. Ended up with a 75 minute run or 8:30 pace including 2 or 3 pauses to take a picture or two (or three).
This one was taken at the end of the run and is looking at the Passamaquoddy Bay as you come into town. My technique for whipping out the camera is getting better and hardly even have to break stride. Is there a name for running, stopping for a picture and then speeding off for the next opportunity? Maybe fartpic'ing or photo-jogging? Should I be getting extra insurance on my camera?

See you later!


Quinto Sol said...

It is beautiful... although, being a weather wuss, I would hate to run in such conditions... hope to meet you in B*ston :-)

Andrew said...

You need a gyroscope so you can take a photo without stopping.

Thomas said...

Your blog output is becoming prolific these days. Maybe the training for Boston has fuelled your fire? Oh, and very nice photos. Just view the shovelling as upper-body workout, and you'll accept it more easily.

Garry said...

Nice pictures again! I love running in the snow, it is so quiet and peaceful. Maybe it should be called pic'n'run???