Thursday, December 20, 2007

Easy run alert

I hope A doesn't fall out of his chair but a) post on consecutive days b) easy five mile run with average heart rate of 129 and pace of 8:45 c) this runner is feeling quite pleased with the non-effort.

Not too much to say about the little run. It's rather nice that Pfitz gives such good contrast in his schedule from day to day and in fact it was almost a shock to stop so soon into it. We had a rather pleasant day with just a light dusting of snow and with temps of around -6C (20F). However, it was just warm enough for the salt to start turning the streets to a rather mushy slushy consistency making for continued treacherous footing.

I was actually feeling a little tired from the longer run on Weds and so today's run was a welcome break in the schedule. The legs are feeling good otherwise and my knee issue of a few weeks ago is now totally gone and I think I'm ready for a faster pace run once the roads clear a little. And then there's always the treadmill if I want to go fast safely (except for falling off the back of the thing). Has anyone ever done that? I've stumbled a few times but no all out crashes yet!

Thats it! Hope you're counting down the days like I am ;-)


Andrew said...

Wow! I almost did fall out of my chair. Keep these posts coming! The world wants to know.

I'm hoping that the roads will be clear for tomorrow's run.

Garry said...

It is nice to see another post so soon.
I have done it all, fallen off treadmills, bike trainers, you name it, I've probably done it!
Have a great weekend!

Thomas said...

I wish I had the peace of mind to be happy with an 8:45 run, because I've accumulated a few of those recently, but in contrast to you I'm not very happy about it.

Grellan said...

Those easy runs are just as important as the key workouts.

-6C....I might get that if I stick my head in the freezer. No need for treadmills here.