Thursday, July 03, 2008

Before and After

It was another nice day for a run but this time the plan only had a short 5 mile recovery run in the books. This was the view from the start of run at 8am after a short coffee stop with my friend Hugh. I really enjoyed today's little jaunt, as I took it very slow and easy from start to finish. The temperature was again perfect at 15C/59F with the usual automatic air conditioning.

Post run these fog enveloped flowers caught my eye before the yard work started in earnest. Trimmed a few trees and worked on the hedge without incident (still have all my fingers and toes)! It's also good for the upper body which always need a little extra work (I hate push ups).
Later in the day (5 hours later at 1pm) I went to the same place for my after shot. You can now see Pleasant Point in the distance about 6 miles away. Ah summer vacation!

Training: 5 miles easy-easy (8:48 pace) 7/10
Health: hams & butt better but still need daily attention 6/10
Stretching: ice packs, stretching & TP ball last night
Felt much better, holding back and enjoyed the slow pace.


Andrew said...

Doing good work there!

J. Garry Power said...

Good running conditions for sure. It has been a little on the warm side here. Have fun with your pruning and trimming.

Thomas said...

Mike, since you asked, this week's fartlek consisted of 8 x 45 seconds bursts at 5:40 pace average. This will get harder over the next few weeks. Next week is 8x75 seconds, if I remember correctly (haven't got the plan here with me), and the fast bits will go up to 2 minutes eventually.

Actually, it's fun, and not too exhausting - yet.