Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not feeling it

Only a little over 4 weeks to go and I'm just not feeling into it. I've been trying and mostly succeeding to get the miles in but the harder workouts are a little tougher to come by. Take this week for example. Sunday called for 17 miles with 14(!) at marathon pace but that wasn't happening with my current track record of barely training. So at least I got the miles in but I'm feeling like it's just keeping my fitness from falling further, rather than letting improvements creep in.

Monday was a nice day of rest but a very busy one on the life front with a trip to Saint John in the morning and then a shopping trip and a 1 hour wait at the border that evening.

Tuesday's plan was for 9 miler with some 600m repeats but that didn't happen because worked dragged late for some reason and then rushed through a shorter run before supper. I'm hoping to make this up later in the week if my work trip doesn't interfere too much.

Today, Weds was a bit better with me at least getting the scheduled 13 miler in but it was not exactly an easy one. Usually I'm good after a mile or so but today's run was way more of an effort than I'd like. Still waiting for the magic pill to make the legs feel light and springy again. Hard work only makes them feel heavy and slow. Oh well, enough complaining. Tomorrow's another day and like the flower there's still hope for PEI if I keep my nose to the wheel for a few more weeks.

Sept 15 - Mon
Training: 0 miles at infinite pace, good sleep last night and log says 'Rest please!'

Sept 16 - Tues
Training: 5.25 miles (7:49 pace) a bit of a rushed run to get a few miles in but felt good. The watch was 'acting' up so I didn't get the pace till after the run. Nice dip in the pond to cool the legs as well.

Sept 17 - Weds
Training: 13,1 miles (8:21 pace) Oh, now I get why my legs were heavy today! That little sprint run on Tues which should have been an easy one took the stuffing out of me. Makes sense when you look back doesn't it?

I'm off for a few days for a work field trip, out on the fishing boats looking for herring in the waters of the Bay of Fundy. Hopefully we'll be successful and the wind doesn't blow too hard as I hate feeling sick, though I'm usually quite resistant. I'm also planning to be back in time for another attempt at a Boyden run with the guys but need somebody else (say someone with a name starting with an A) to drum up things before hand.

Hope you're having a nice week.


Michael said...

All the best out on the waters. If the fish aren't there at least it allow you to recharge your legs for your next jaunt. Four weeks and counting, keep it up!

Thomas said...

All those breaks in training are bound to have a negative effect on your legs.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Let us know if you find the red herring.

A good long run with the Boyden Gang will bring you back 'round - just leave the sea legs on the boat.

I need to come up for a long run with you and Andrew before PEI.

Garry said...

You have still been putting in the miles so you will be fine for PEI. It is tough sometimes that work gets in the way of training. Hope your long run come together for Boyden.

Anonymous said...