Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a slacker!

Last post Aug. 26th!! Ouch, but once you fall off the wagon it's hard to get back on again. My training over the past 2 weeks has been nothing short of dismal as one missed day turned into another and work/travel/vacation and more travel just seemed to do my best efforts to get the runs in.

Aug 26 - Tues
Training: 6 miles (8:17 pace) Galway seashore boardwalk on hard concrete into a strong breeze 6/10 (tired from lack of sleep)

Aug 27 - Thurs
Training: 6 miles (8:03 pace) Galway seashore boardwalk again on hard concrete into a strong breeze and fast return with the wind 6/10

Aug 28 - Thurs
Training: 0 miles, just didn't fit it in and went to the pub instead

Aug 29 - Friday
Training: 0 miles again but this time tried the pub in Dublin! There's something special about the Guinness over here.

Aug 30 - Sat
Training:0 with the long flight and drive home and travel time of about 19 hours. Weekly total of only 32 miles.

Aug 31 - Sun
Training:0 with short sleep, quick turnaround and 12 hour drive to Ottawa to deliver my youngest son to university

Sept 1 - Mon
Training: 8 miles (8:16 pace) in Ottawa along the beautiful canal and river trail system. Easy pace but hams still stiff and tight after 4 days of rest! Rest of day was spent hard at work building a deck for the oldest son.

Sept 2 - Tues
Training: 7.5 miles (8:16 pace) in Ottawa along the beautiful canal and river trail system followed by a full day working on the deck. Starting to get stiff and sore in new places.

Sept 3 - Weds
Training: 6 miles (8:37 pace). Could hardly get out of bed this morning I was so stiff. Ran along the beautiful canal and river trail system followed by yet another full day working on the deck

Sept 4 - Thur
Training: 7 miles (8:27 pace) Barely able to walk when I first got up, definitely not built to do construction work. Ran in same beautiful area as before and eventually loosened up.

Sept 5 - Fri
Training: 5 miles (8:31 pace) Feeling slightly better but still sore. Same beautiful area as before and eventually loosened up and then worked away some more. This is a vacation? (but I'm proud of the finished product)

Sept 6 - Sat
Training: 0 miles (8:27 pace) Forgot to fit the run in today with putting the final touches on the deck before we leave in the morrow. Weekly total amounts to only 34 despite my best efforts.

Sept 7 - Sun
Training: 0 miles with the 11 hour return drive home

Sept 8 - Mon
Training: 5 miles (7:57 pace) Back to work after 2 weeks away. Managed to fit a quick little run in after work before supper and lawn mowing. It was very nice to be back on my home turf once again and the legs responded.

Sept 9 - Tues
Training: 8 miles (7:42pace) with 4 miles at MP in 728, 724, 734, 717 over the 2nd 1/2 of the run. It felt like a bit of hard work but seemed to get easier slightly as it went along.

Sept 10 - Weds
Training: 5 miles (8:06 pace) very easy run with the legs feeling a bit stiff today (for some unknown reason) A coolish fall day and may have to break out a long sleeve shirt soon. Seems to me that Andrew never put his away all summer.

So that's where I'm at. Just slowly getting back on track and now attempting to re-enter the training program that was left by the wayside. Hopefully my little 2 week break won't hurt me too much come PEI but I'm afraid it won't help much either. I've had a nice break and feel much refreshed, especially with the fall weather that is now quickly approaching. Have a great week!


Garry said...

The rest will do you much good as this is usually the point in the program when forced runs = injury. Now after the break you can tackle the last bit of the program with a rested body and good energy.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Hey Commander Slacker - worry not, nothing lost or wasted. Returning refreshed and infused with Guinness will have you back on track in no time. PEI awaits!

Unknown said...

I hope work does not continue to get in the way of running. That would be a darn shame!

Grellan said...

The zero miler @ 08:27 pace on Sept 6th is intriguing - was there any Guinness involved.

Love2Run said...

Grellan, didn't you know that I can do that in my sleep? (between beers that is). Feeling quite rested now too.

Anonymous said...