Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the Run/Road/Water

On the whole I have to give myself a least a 2 out of 3 for staying on task over the past few days. With all the travelling, strange hours and a messed up schedule I was still able to get a couple of runs in, between the ferry rides and trips on the water with the fishermen I work with.
Just to prove it here's a shot of the happy guys just after a near perfect set and the best catch they've seen in weeks. That's herring (and lots of them) in the background about to be pumped aboard using the pump that you can see going into the midst of them. I took a ton of pics and have a neat video of this as well which I might put up later.

But more on the running efforts though it was work just finding the time to squeeze the runs in. Take Thurs for example, early morning meeting, then travel all day to go out on a fishing boat but the trip ended early due to high winds so there was a bit of time before it got dark. Scored one quick and dirty 7 mile run at a nice brisk pace.

Friday was a little easier with most of the day to myself as I waited for evening when the boats were going out again for a survey on the fishing grounds. It was very easy to fit in an easy 6 miles around midday and I found a nice off road multi-use trail to run on. I should have done a longer harder run but my lazy bone reared it's ugly head once again. That evening and night we did the survey and you can see what a nice night it was from the 1st pictures. However, it was a long night and we didn't get back to the wharf until noon Saturday which barely gave me enough time to rush back and catch the return ferry home. Arrived home by 9pm and obviously no running today but plans had been already set for the morning.

Sunday morning I was up and at em' by 630am for another great Boyden run with Andrew, Jon and Ozzie. It was a perfect morning for a run, just a bit on the cool side at about 8C but sunny and no wind. I really love these long runs with friends. The pace is easy, the conversation good, and we just roll along and the run seems to be over in 1/2 the time. I took a few pictures of the sweaty runners but think that this one has better appeal, don't you?
And that's all I got. End of another OK but not great week with a total of about 50 miles. There are now less than 4 weeks to go and not much can be done with my fitness level right now. There's a 1/2 marathon next weekend in Saint John that will tell the tale but only if I'm brave enough to show up and give a good effort.

We'll see, have a great week! And Happy Birthday to somebody special who turns 19 today!


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Well done getting in 50 miles and a long run amidst all you had going on.

The first picture is absolutely beautiful!

Have I ever told you about my days working at a sardine canning plant?

Jamie Anderson said...

Juggling crazy work schedules is tough, nice job in getting in a very decent week, all things considered. As you mentioned, the hay is the barn.

Mmmmmm, kippers.

Unknown said...

Very cool picture of all the herring. Nice job getting the 50 miles done despite the other stuff going on. I hope the 1/2 works out.

Thomas said...

That's a lot of herring!

I'm glad you managed to get some miles in - I was expected a lot worse. Well Done!

DawnB said...

I would be happy to take that not so ok 50 mile week off your hand Mike.

DawnB said...

I would be happy to take that not so ok 50 mile week off your hand Mike.

Anonymous said...