Monday, June 30, 2008

The Countdown Begins

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and words. They were very much appreciated and helped me get through the past few weeks. They say that time slowly heals and we move on but never forget and they are right.

The rascally rabbit is still part of the scenery in our yard and looks more like a statue as I crept closer and closer for my picture. They are just like deer in that they don't move if they think you can't see them. I was running along a side street in town a few weeks ago and spotted 2 deer at the side of the road. By avoiding eye contact I was able to run within 10 feet of them before they decided it was time to git.
Now the moose we saw 2 weeks ago on the Boyden run were another story. When they heard Andrew's jokes they ran in the opposite direction at full speed. Here he is on yesterday's run, explaining to poor Jon why the moose wouldn't stay and chat!

Re: the countdown, Andrew and I are now registered for the PEI marathon but are still waiting for Marc to commit. It was exactly 17 weeks to go yesterday. According the Andrew that means only 15 week left to train and time is running short! My plan will simply to do what worked for me before and that's the Pfitzinger 18 week plan. The 1st week, last week, went more or less according to schedule with 52 miles in the bank and a 17 mile long run. This week is more of the same as I slowly add more distance and a tiny bit of speed. I'll also be inserting a few races in the plan and will also work at my diet, stretching and some upper body strengthening.

Well that's it for now. Today is a rest day and I may get some cross-training yard work completed. I'm going to work at keeping these posts short and more frequent and so that's it for now. Have a great week all!