Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To blog or not to blog...

That is the question... some days it's whether I've got enough time to write, other days, well if it's only a short jaunt and not much happened, it might just not be 'blogworthy' (a real word with it's own website and you can buy the t-shirt!). It doesn't really matter how many people read my ramblings either but it's nice to get comments and feedback.

A blog can also be handy for looking for patterns and problems on the mental side of running that don't get put in the paper log. Take my ups and downs over the past several weeks and the issue of really bad days on Thursdays. Well it turns out (a theory only) that the problem may be overdoing things on Weds and just not having anything left for the next day. So...the plan this week is to really overdo it on Weds, ie. following the plan for 15 miles with hills, and then take it very easy the next day. We shall see shortly...

Actually there were some blogworthy events today. First, I received my Boston entry confirmation email and am now in the entrants list. Yay!!

"This is to notify you that your entry into the 110th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17, 2006 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.

You can verify your acceptance into the field by searching the 110th Boston Marathon "Entrants" database on the B.A.A. web site, www.bostonmarathon.org or www.baa.org. Additionally, a "Confirmation" postcard will be mailed to you via US Postal Service mail."

And secondly, in the actual running department, I managed to get another double in with a 6:45am treadmill run of 4 miles, slow-slow and then a noontime run of 6 miles which felt even slower but my watch begged to differ. The treadmill weather was perfect (as always), while the outdoor conditions were sliding downhill with a nor'easter bearing down on us. Mostly just wind and a few flurries so far and hopefully the storm will skirt our area so I can get in the tough run planned for tommorrow. And then maybe there will be more to blog about ;-)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kaa Ching!

Well almost, the sales register says that my total for the week was 72 miles, not the intended 76 but we'll take what we can get. As previously posted I tried to re-arrange workouts during the week and that just ended in disaster and frustration. The plan for the coming weeks is to merely follow the 'plan' as written as much as possible and let the missed runs go...

Woke up this morning at 6:20, 10 minutes before the alarm was to go off which is a good sign. It must mean either that I'm keen to go and rested or overtired and overtrained and need more rest (pick one). Also got out of bed with a limp! My right shin and knee were very sore for some strange reason and was hobbling around a bit wondering if I'd be able to run or not. The soreness continued right up until I met the group for the Boyden Lake loop and then magically went away for duration of the 2o mile run! Of course it's now back again after the run, so either it's mental or my body is demanding some sort of penance or burnt offering (maybe some ice-cream?).

It was a perfect day for a long run with the gang. Sunny, light north wind, temps around 32F (0C) and very little traffic (but more than usual- maybe a dozen). We did the usual 13.5 mile loop, were serenaded by hound dogs, snuck by dozy Rot's, and had many excursions by various members to check out the scenery in the woods. After the loop Andrew and I did a 6.5 mile out and back along the Gin Cove road by the Bay, making it back despite crashing into each other when attempting to turn around! Was that a Power surge or a Seeley turn that caused the misfire? I think it was just low blood sugar and brains not quite up to par ;-)

Food was also a big topic of conversation today including my plans to stop at the Superstore on the return trip. Let's see, what would the cashier think of a cart full of bananas, bagels, Power bars, Gatorade and ice cream? Unfortunately the store was closed so I may get AP to practice his driving and bring me back this afternoon. We can't run out of 'runner' food now can we?

Only 11 more weeks to Boston! Can you believe it??

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Still hanging in, barely...

The last few days have been tiring and I'm just hanging in there from day to day. All the advice out there reminds you to accept missed workouts as 'missed' and to not double up or attempt to make them up. Which is exactly what this dummy has been trying to do all week to no avail!

Missed Tuesday's tempo run due to weather and road conditions and then switched the medium long run with the intention of doing it later in the week but it just didn't happen. At least the Friday run (11mi in 1:34) felt MUCH better than the slog of survival on Thurs. There is a pattern here and reading my own blog back over the past few weeks it seems like I'll just have to make some adjustments and just try to follow the plan as written. The Pfitzinger program is quite demanding, especially the 70+/week version and the rest or easier days are ordered with experience and good reasoning behind it. It does not take kindly to re-ordering of hard/easy days at all.

Today was just an easy 8 miles with 10x strides and dummy here again did not follow the directions (maybe a post-it to my forehead will help). Ran the correct distance but looking at my HR times and efforts, it was too hard, mostly in the >80% range. Did the strides (sort of) but it was more like short awkward speedbumps mixed into the run. They didn't feel smooth or fast at all. Hopefully this won't compromise the scheduled long run on Sunday. Now need to fuel up and get ready, so let's see, 'What's first ice cream or bagels with gobs of peanut butter? Mmmm, those Turtles look good too!'

At least the weather is looking good!
Sunday : Sunny. Becoming cloudy late in the day. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High minus 4C.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cruel Wind

It must be something about Thursday or the fact that it's medium long run day but I always seem to run low on energy. Perhaps a schedule change is needed for the coming weeks...

Weds or hump day is usually good with an easier run and volleyball in the evening. In fact, I did my 1st double this year on Weds with a easy paced 6mi 630am treadmill run, followed by a super easy 4 miler (it's hard to run so slow and short) at lunch. There was a fresh snowfall and the roads were rather greasy but it was a nice run. I also brought along a little hand held GPS unit to test and record my running route but it seemed to misfire in regard to speed and distance, or do I really run that slow? My story and I'm sticking to it is that it's an older unit and most of my routes are car odometer measured. Felt great, walked to and from work and volleyball was fun and did not seem too taxing....

That is, until today's run and the cruel north wind to go along with the tired, resisting and complaining body. It wasn't especially cold and windy for January; at -5C and 25-40k winds we've had much worse. There was a nice blue sky and sunshine, the roads were fairly bare with only bits of snow and slush. But still needed to wear all the clothes from my bag, and it was a struggle from the get go. (Sorry for all the whining but who else is going to listen?) Managed to struggle around town, resisted the temptation to cut the run short and headed out on the highway and this is where the wind really started to howl and it felt more like walking or treading H2O than running. Finally at the Ghost Road, I gave up 'the ghost' and headed back for home with the wind at my back for a few miles at least. Final total was only 11 miles in 1:35 instead of the planned 15.

I'll be making another attempt on Friday which is usually a higher energy day, especially if I leave work early . I'm also looking forward to doing another long run with the gang on Sunday. I know they will pull me along and make it easy and fun.

Meanwhile, it's time for ice cream!! That and a good nights sleep should work wonders ;-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Looking at a pretty tough week running wise and probably at the work scene as well and the question becomes 'Can I fit it all in and still be able to do it again next week?'. Managed to get out the door and on the road at lunch by 12:05 but then the temptations started...
  1. Hmmm, it's kinda slushy and wet from that snowfall we had last night, maybe I should take it easy. Glad we decided on the old shoes today and not the 'shiny new ones'.
  2. Can't go too hard or fast in these old shoes, must have 750+ miles on them...
  3. Ahh, how about we only do an easy 6mile loop today instead of 11 miles with 5 tempo pace?
  4. I know, we'll switch down a level to the easier 'Up to 55 miles per week' plan. I can do that without even trying....
  5. Naaa! You've got your blog to keep you honest now so just suck it up and get on with it!
Well some of the thoughts that were smouldering in the background at least. It was a great sunny day, blue skys, winter wonderland effect with all the snow stuck on the trees and after a mile or so, thoughts of canning or aborting the run were long gone. The hardest part isn't getting out the door but getting past the 1st mile or two; after that it's like the autopilot kicks in because I ended up having a decent run.

Instead of doing the 11mi with tempo, I made a deal with the right brain and switched for a 12 mile easy run because the road was too messy to run fast anyway. It wasn't that slow either with a total time of about 1:38 and felt good for the most part. The lower legs complained a bit but this is likely just the total lack of cushioning in the old shoes. Also had to stop once to untie and remove a shoe in order to take out a rock that had worked it's way in from all the slush and dirt on the side of the road. It's hard to keep your balance on one foot while shaking out the dirt but I managed without falling down! So, a good start to the week but many more miles to go.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Group Sunday run: xyz running club

Special treat, beginning of run butt shot just for Dawn. We were thinking of you and thought you'd like it ;-) Actually it's a few minutes after 'dawn', about 7am US time and a little on the cold side with temps around -9C (18F) with a fairly strong NW wind of 15-25mph. So, we'd better get moving, huh?
ps. If you want to see the front view, you'll have to visit Andrews blog, that is 'whenever' he gets around to letting us know what he's been up to!

As I said before and you all know, it is a special treat to get together for our long runs as a group. No matter what the conditions it seems to make these runs more enjoyable and they seem at least an hour shorter than they actually are. You get to talk and gab about whatever and the miles just melt away. Even the windchill was not the problem it could have been (ie running alone and shaking your fist at the sky) since we could always go into the flying wedge formation and take turns out front.

Part of our discussion focused on what we should call ourselves as a group; we need a catchy name to entice more runners off the couch. Hmmm how about Eastport Mainiacs, Cobscook Roadhogs, Quoddy Roadrunners, or maybe the Perry Shore Lost Soles? Just some silly ideas!

It was a nice easy paced run with a few quicker downhills to work on the quads for Boston and it seemed like alot of uphills into the wind on the last 4.5 mile leg. The Rotweiller 'boys' were out and about today again and made a fake charge before retreating back. Either they are cowards at heart, realized they were outnumbered or the owners have one of those electronic fences that stops them from coming on the road. Anyway, dogs are not a threat when you run as a group. We completed the 13.5 mile loop of Boyden Lake and then added another couple to make up 16 miles in about 2:20.

My total for this past week was 62 miles in 8h42m which was a nice cut back from the previous week of 70. The legs and body are feeling remarkably fresh from this mini-taper and ready to work up into the 'program' some more. Only 12 weeks to Boston on Monday!

After the run, I drove along the shore which was our route from 2 weeks ago when I didn't have my camera. Here a couple of shots of the beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay.
What more can I say?
Simply gorgeous!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday's are good days!

It might be my subconsious or maybe it's just the fact that it's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend but today was a decent run after a tough slog yesterday. Exactly the same pattern as last week! Is there a hidden message? They say to listen to your body...

"Say what, I'm hard of hearing?"

Started out a little sluggish and slow but eased into what felt like a nice steady pace with low heartrate. The weather was mild at just above freezing and it was dead calm. I love it when there is NO WIND!! Cruised around the Point with a nice ocean view and lots (that's more than two) people out walking their dogs. Then continued out of town and did the Ghost road loop before returning to work for a total of 11 miles in 90 min. The shiny new shoes were also working better today and didn't trip over my heels as much.

After my Boston rant in the previous post, I realized that it was time for me to actually enter and fork over the dough despite any misgivings about waves and course changes. I'm now entered and awaiting confirmation. My time should put me in the 7th or 8th corral in the 1st wave and all that I can do now is train like hell till then. Besides hills I should also remember to do some heat training in the last few weeks. I can either run indoors on the treadmill and stink up the basement or put on winter layers and run outdoors with spring temps. I'd really like to actually race Boston this year instead of having the weather dictate how I can run but always look forward to this race no matter what happens ;-)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tired and getting grumpy!

I think the accumulated miles are starting to wear me down... This is supposed to be a cut back, recovery week but it just doesn't feel that way just now.

Yesterday was an easy 6mi with the HR alarm set to slow and it felt good to go slow as molasses. It was also blowing a gale with some rain but the shower didn't last long. Today, however was the feared mid-week med-long run, though slightly reduced to 'only' 13 mi. Ran it as an out an back, with a 55:00 out leg (into a 20-30mph wind) and a return leg of 52:00 at what felt like the same effort. The last couple of miles were tiring and started to yell at the cars and the wind and whatever else came to mind. Don't you wonder sometimes if anyone pays 'any' attention to the speed limit signs? I'm trudging along in a 60km/40mph zone and it feels like a freeway going by. Get that license plate, report that courier or school bus driver! Arrgg!

While I'm in the venting mode, I must weigh in on the latest Boston marathon changes being proposed. The idea this year is to have wave starts of about 10,000 runners starting at noon and then at 12:30. This is absolutely ridiculous and will relegate the 2nd wave of runners as 2nd class citizens (no anthem, no fly over, just hand over your $100). Apparently they are doing this mainly because of runners relieving themselves on Hopkinton private property and the new start will make for tighter controls and escorting of all runners to their corrals. There is also a plan for a course change with a new hill at the end of the the race near the 26 mile mark. Oh great, just what we need! More arrghh!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shiny new shoes

Nothing like a new pair of shoes to put a little extra spring in a weary runner's stride. Finally broke down today and used the new Mizuno Wave Rider 7's for the 1st time on our slushy dirty roads. I had little choice really, with 700+ miles of every pair of running shoes now in the closet, all the same brand and these are dubbed #19. Let's see, about another 16 pairs to make one earth loop in M's so I've still got a ways to go... Think they'll give me a free pair then?

It was actually kinda weird running, they felt firm but clunky and was landing noisily on my heels instead of the normal flatfoot shuffle. It's likely that my old shoes (exact same model) are so flattened that I'll need to get used to the extra lift. They also bothered my calves and achilles a bit so I'll make sure to still work in the old soldiers for awhile yet (usually rotate with 2-3 pairs at a time).

Anyway! I did get in a half decent 10 miler on a windy but sunny day with temps just below freezing. Ran it as an out an back with the 1st 5mi into the cold 20mph wind in about 43:00. It was great to turn and head back an felt like I was moving well with the wind pushing me a long for the 2nd half. Did the return leg in just over 40:00 including 10x striders at 1:00 intervals with walking to get the heart rate below 130 and to keep the legs fresh. The strides felt pretty clunky and slow and just worked on trying to have a fast turnover. Much prefer to do these on the golf course but there's too much snow and ice right now. Forecast for Weds is a bunch of wind and rain but only doing a short run and then volleyball at night.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mother Nature strikes back

It was definitely too good to be true as the unseasonably nice weather finally came to an end this morning. This change for the worse coincided with my long run and conditions continually deteriorated as the run went along. Started out barely at the freezing point with a light rain and strong NW wind of 15-40mph and did a 6mi loop of the town. It was pretty quiet for 9:00am on a Sunday morning and only saw a couple of walkers and one other runner, Lisa who was doing the loop in the opposite direction. We both agreed it was a nasty day!

Did a quick stop for more gatorade at home and then attempted to run out of town along the highway but the temps were now dropping with ice pellets and freezing rain. The road surface was turning to black ice making me afraid of traffic losing control in my general direction. Each step felt like my foot was slipping backwards slightly, almost like running on ballbearings or a treadmill, especially on the uphills. So...decided to change the route and stay in town running back and forth along the various side roads and trails and to just go by the total time elapsed to make up the required 20 miles.

Man! I coulda used some company today but it was a good thing that both Andrew and I stayed close to home with the treachorous road conditions. However, I didn't feel alone, thinking about my fellow bloggers and what to say in this post kept me going. There have been some interesting posts in blogworld lately about the evolution of and whys and wherefores with running blogs. I'm not much of a writer but I like to blog about my running and read what other runners are doing and going through in their attempts to reach various goals (or not). Being a somewhat isolated way off here in the boonies, having a blog also helps to keep me motivated and honest about my running. It's much like having a virtual internet refrigerator with your plans and activities posted for all to see.

Back to the run... the 2nd half was alot tougher with more wind, ice pellets that felt like frozen bb's, but slightly better footing which improved from black ice to crunchy ice bits. Kept zig-zagging all the side streets which kept me out of the wind for the most part. However, the legs and body complained more and more as the effects of the weeks miles were taking their toll. Perhaps it was a little bit of payback after having such an unexpected nice runs on Thurs-Friday but the glycogen stores were very low by the end despite 64oz of gatorade and 1 gel. Finished the approx. 20 miles in just over 3hr with final thoughts about Lydiard Mike who would have finished his Phoenix marathon over 20 minutes earlier! Hoping he had a great run and looking forward to his post.

Total for week 5 of the 18 week road to Boston was the planned 70 miles in 10hr 3min of running. Missed some strides and tempo pace effort but got the miles in at least. Now looking forward to the upcoming recovery week of 'only' 62 miles before going on to the next phase of the plan. So far so good with no major complaints, just have to stay healthy and pray for spring.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Looking for the on/off switch

You just never know how you're going to feel and how the run will go until your shoes are laced up and the first few steps or miles are behind you.

Today was one of those days where I was just dragging my butt all day. The walk to work was nice but the legs were tired and sore. All day at work the legs complained and the hamstrings were noticeably weak. In the back of my mind the question 'how in the hell am I going to run 13 miles today when it's a chore to just walk down the hall for a glass of water?'. Meanwhile, it was another unseasonably nice sunny warm spring-like day just begging for a runner to get out and enjoy it. Finally, I bugged out a bit early using some banked time but the one mile trudge home held out little promise for the upcoming challenge.

But suddenly, like magic everything changed! Once dressed in shorts and a long sleeve shirt (when was the last time this happened here in January?) and starting the run at an easy jog it was like someone turned a switch on. This had to be one of the easiest and most effortless runs in ages. After the blahs from last week and the way things were looking earlier it was a most unexpected gift from the running gods. Am I getting fitter or is Friday the 13th just my lucky day?? Like the great weather, I won't complain and will just take it as it comes.

Managed a decent pace (8:30 or less) with total time of about 1:50. As I mentioned it was a warm sunny day near 10C (50F) with only a light wind. It cooled a bit on the return leg as the sun was going down and the wind picked up a bit but the nice sunset made up for any discomfort. It was a great day for a run and could have used a camera again.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still trucking along

It's been a few days since the last post as I've been away from home and the office on a work trip down to lovely Boothbay Harbor, Maine. As is typical with a travelling schedule, it's always a challenge to get the required runs in when you're 'in training'. During the off-season, between marathons it's alot easier to just run whenever you can and short runs are simple to wedge in somewhere during the day. However, when you have a schedule with 10-15 mile runs every other day it can be harder to get creative.

Thus the week started off with a 6am, easy run on the dreadmill so the run could be in the bag before heading out on the 5hr drive down the coast to Boothbay. It was an ok run, with 1st 2 miles in a semi-awake state, followed by a sudden stop when I accidentally pulled the emergency stop cord. Finished feeling better with pace up to 7:30/mi for a few laps at the end.

Day 2 was another 6am run from the hotel in Boothbay (Andrew would be proud of me getting out so early). It was a mild day with temp just above freezing and there was little black ice to bother along the highway route that I ran. Did a 10 mile out and back run along the main drag into this small coastal town and was surprised by the amount of traffice so early in the morning. Started out nearly pitch black, just streetlights, and was blinded by headlights for much of the 1st 40 minutes before the turnaround. It was just as busy on the return leg, but at least the lights weren't as big a deal and picked up the pace at the end. Kicked myself for not bringing some water and a headlight to go with the reflective vest. I've also got a little blinking red light that would have helped make me more visible and more like Duncan, including the speeding trucks.

Day 3, today, had the unique plan of being dumped by my co-workers at a point about 9 miles out of town to start my 15 mi run. Began this run by stashing a drink, turning around and heading further away for the first 6 mi. This run was markedly different traffic wise from day 2 in that there was almost no cars in comparison; only counted about 10 cars over the 1st 4 miles. The peace and quiet was a relief after the roar of speeding suv's still in my head from 24 hours previous. But still, 15 miles is a long ways, even on a beautiful spring like day in January. Finished up in a little over 2hr and then back to work after a quick stop and shower at home.

It's hard to believe but I'm still on track for the week. Now just a 13, easy 6 and a 20 to complete it and the weather reports are looking off the charts great for running. We'll take it!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wishin I'd had a camera

What a good run to end week 4 of the 18 week Boston plan! Don't know where to start or what to say but am sure to think of something, right? The quick recap is that I got to run with Andrew and Stephanie for a total of 19 miles in frosty weather with absolutely gorgeous views of the Passamaquoddy Bay that I've never seen before.

The run started early (for me) at 7am US time, which required some driving in the dark and worries about moose while getting to the meeting point in Perry, Maine. Have a look at what happened to EyeRun and her moose encounter just last week. Thank God everyone was OK! So it was a very cautious uneventful early morning drive. Even the border guard didn't want to talk to me, preferring to barely open his window to the cold and wave me on. Temps were -12C (or 10F) to start and didn't warm up much even with the clear sunny sky and virtual calm.

After dropping one bottle of gatorade at a strategic corner in a snowbank, which was actually warmer than the abient air, I met 'the kids' and we were off. BTW I believe it's appropriate to start calling them this because a) they are both younger than this old fogie and b) since those are the names of my 2 youngest children. We'll soon see what they think of that; now only if we would get Steph to stop lurking and start a blog of her own.

Today's run headed first back to the ocean and the bay, instead of inland and around Boyden Lake. We sometimes forget the beauty of nature around us and then there are days or moments and it's just WOW!! Some of the vistas we had along the shore road were just stunning in the crisp calm and bright early morning sun. One view at the crest of the many hills looking back to my hometown of St. Andrews was ... well 'I wished I'd had a camera today'. And then the reality that this is near the site of a proposed LNG terminal, which has huge local opposition on both sides of the border just makes you want to cry. Save Passamaquoddy Bay from LNG!

So the 1st hour of the run was one hill and another view after the other and would you believe we never saw a single car until we looped back to cross Route 1 to continue our run inland aroung the lake!? No cars for an hour, simply an amazing place to run on a Sunday morning! Another picture that I really wanted today was the frosty face of Andrew who looked more like Santa with a flourescent orange cap. Anyone who saw him would have had a chuckle or more likely wonder what that strange runner was doing to himself in the cold.

After a few miles inland we reached the turn where Andrew & I went left to go around the lake, while poor Steph cut across on Rotweiller Alley. We didn't want to leave her but she said in a brave voice 'I'll be fine but if my car is still there, can you come looking for me?' Poor thing ;-( but her car was gone when we finished the loop so it looks like she didn't get eaten! Our final miles were long and progressively tougher for me at the end of a long week. My water bottle was rescued after about 2hrs in the snowbank and was still unfrozen and very welcome. On reaching the cars we finished off the run with an extra loop to make up the planned distance of 19 miles in about 2:37. Thank you Andrew and Stephanie!!

Totals for the week was 67 miles, 6 runs, 9hr 43min or 8:40 pace with week 4 completed more or less on target.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Glad that's over with! Over the past several marathon training cycles it's always been the midweek long-er run that has given me the most trouble. With the Pfitzinger based plan that I'm using it builds up to a maximum of 15 miles which are often tough to fit in with a busy family and work schedule. Add to that the fact that they are just plain hard to do on often tired legs and well you know...whew!

It was a relatively nice day for running here in January with our unpredictable Maritime weather on the balmy side. We had a light scatter of snow and freezing rain last night that was melting by the morning but the temperature stayed right around 1C (33F) making for slushy conditions and wet shoes. It was tough to get my butt in gear and out the door again but somehow I was able to shut up the negative voices and get under way shortly after noon. The run went fairly well, just felt slow and tired but on checking a few mile splits was actually managing about 8:00/mi pace. Also managed to avoid cutting the run short at several key turnoffs and ended up with 14 mi in just under 2 hrs.

So I'm still more or less still on track for the week and have confirmed another long run with Andrew on Sunday. It's always a treat to have company and really look forward to these runs.

Speaking of things to look forward to, there is also the Cabot Trail Relay race in May with the Aliant High Speed team. Really we're not fast, it's just a cool name but nothing as creative as some of the other names in the team list at the CTR website. Some of the legs on this hilly 24 hour relay are rather imposing but this year I've lucked out with an easier but still challenging final leg of the race. It'll be a nice change of pace after the marathon in April.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

blah blah blah

After several weeks of good motivation and running at or exceeding the plan of attack the pendulum has swung in the other direction. It's been tough to get out and get the required miles in this week. This is due to several factors but mostly in the energy motivation department and also because it's been hard to get back in a work/run routine. With the days getting longer now I may be able to start doing my longer runs at the end of the day from work since getting up at 5 or 6am and running long just doesn't work (for me). Don't know what happened to the keen appetite for running, just feel blah and its a struggle to get out the door lately.

On this theme Weds was re-arranged to an easy day instead of 14 with hills. Today I managed to get only 11 miles over an extended lunch. Once I got going it was actually a decent run with good pace and effort. The intention was to do 12 but ran out of time and needed to be back for another stupid meeting. Much prefer to do real work than debate hypotheticals and go round and round in circles. Perhaps a good sleep and weekend will perk me up, but still have miles to go...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Careful beginning

Careful now... hold back... easy boy... careful!

That's what I'm trying hard to do this week, just run according to the plan and not overstep or do any more than scheduled and keep count! Have a fairly heavy plan with more mileage than usual and so after a slow buildup now need to stay within limits and avoid injury so that the end is reached successfully.

Had a nice rest day on Monday, feeling a bit tired from Sunday's run with Andrew and so just laid around the house for the last day of holidays. Of course still did running related things like the reading running books from Christmas including the classic 'Once a Runner' and 'The Greatest - The Haile Gebrselassie Story' :-)

Today was back to the grind (work) with a 10 mile run fitted in over lunch. Needed to drop the van off at home and starting from home spotted a lone runner heading over the hill. Decided to to catch up but they had a big headstart and it took most of a mile and 1/2 to do so. JR was doing the triangle loop and never heard me until I was right beside her due to the music she was listening to (that's not recommended is it?) We ran together for only a few minutes before turning in different directions but it was nice to say hello. With my catch up effort the 1st 4 miles of the run were quicker than planned in 32:00 followed by a 4 mile return leg in 33:00. Finished off with 10x100 strides where focus was mainly on fast turnover to complete the run in 83:00.

Good run but not quite holding back much yet.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

wishin to count better in 2006

Dang Andrew! Thought we were going to do 16 miles today!! That's what my training log said to do, so where did I get 17? Must have had a senior moment or something like that. Like I said towards the end of our run "at time like this I can only count to 10 anyway". Thus my first priority in 2006 is to learn to count all the way to 100 (just like A) while in extreme stages of duress due to self inflicted abuse, that is long distance running!

As you might have guessed, Andrew and I got together for a post-holiday long run. It was at the same location as 3 weeks ago near Perry, Me. in the backroads around Boyden Lake. S was not available and a few other invited guests also did not show but we had a great run anyway. It was a nice moderate paced run (~8:30 or so pace) with temps around 20F (-7C) with a light NE wind. We both tried to sync heart rate monitors to that elusive 70-80% effort adjusted for age and max HR of course.

The run was fairly uneventful except for continually waking up to dogs along the route and probably also their unfortunate owners trying to get some sleep after partying away for 1/2 the night (btw Happy New Years everyone!). One house had a pair of very large/fat Rotweilers on the loose in their driveway which made us nervous for a minute. We stopped our yacking, and tiptoed carefully past their mailbox, avoiding eye contact but still facing them. The dogs looked as nervous as we did and we both backed away from each other and were on our way...whew! The rest of the run was good but I don't remember so many hills the last time we did this run (must be the mileage thing and tired legs). Again we had a great gab and the run was over before it barely got going in about 2:20. Oh, and btw we also decided that this 13.5 mile loop would make a great 1/2 marathon race course. All we need is a race director and some volunteers ;-)

Today's long run completed week 3 of the 18 week Boston plan as previously posted. The week's total was up to 71 from the planned 64, due to cheating on the plan and not being able to count properly. Next week is supposed to be a build up to 67 miles but will now be a cutback instead ;-) So far so good and just need to keep the enthusiasm for running from getting in the way!