Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chugging along

A recent email from Andrew asks "Where art thou?"

'I'm still here... '

It's a good question as I've been very quiet on the blogging front lately. Still running most days and logging my runs at RunningAhead (see my sidebar). For whatever reason there just hasn't been a desire to do much in the way of posts with the family home for the holidays. As you can see above we had a new puppy around the house but the little ankle biter has now returned to the Island with his 'mommy'.

Now that the holidays are over I was thinking of doing an annual recap of 2009 and plans for 2010. It was actually a year I'd like to forget with my cancer, surgery and my lowest annual running mileage for the decade of 1530 miles. However, I'm now cancer free and there are things that I'll never forget including my son's wedding and our family vacation in Sweden. A few running highlights included my 10th consecutive Boston and a very pleasant pace-bunny marathon experience in PEI with Trevor. (note that Trevor will be running his 2nd marathon in Houston next weekend and is good to go from the look of his training)

Looking forward in 2010 I'm already training for a spring marathon at Big Sur, which will also be a nice holiday. I have a number of other running goals penciled in the front of my log. They include savoring/enjoying (see Running and Rambling: find happiness) every run, annual mileage of 2010 miles, running the cycle (5k to marathon) for RunNB races and targets for age group performances in the 70%+ range which are where all my old PR's come out. Looking at the target times below they seem quite doable in my good old days but now-a-days it might be a different story.

My training for Big Sur is going along quite well and I'm using a plan from the Big Sur Training Guide which I got with my registration package. It calls for 40-60 miles per week with long run weeks alternating with mile intervals (4-10 miles at 30 sec faster than MP). I'm into the 3rd week of the plan and so far so good with getting the runs in but I've had issues with being tired which are now starting to dissipate as I slowly get in better shape.

So that's all I got for now. The weather outside is still frightful but this is Canada and you just have to grin and bear it or stay indoors and complain about it. I'm sticking with the former camp and plan to meet Andrew in the morning for another Boyden run (with just a few chocolate balls left to be consumed).

Sunday forecast:

  • -9°C High
  • -13°C Low
Have a great week and keep on running!