Friday, February 17, 2006

No rest for the weary

So much for this being a recovery week. Instead of feeling rested up an raring to go back at it next week I'm just feeling wasted and tired.

Perhaps I should have emulated Duncan and taken a nap at lunch in the van, instead of running in the blustery conditions we had. In fact, I'm starting to get the feeling he might be my evil younger twin who is sucking away my running energy. It's a bizarre theory but take the following similiarities, same height 5'11", same weight 162, likes beer, trains like a maniac. But even stranger of all, today's mileage was exactly the same, a double with 15 miles total and 4 easy on the treadmill (do you hear the weird music?). Of course when it comes to speed we're obviously in different worlds but how come he's feeling good and I'm not or vice versa... Naah!

But I'm still tired and have no explanation. Work is completely crazy busy and not likely to improve for weeks (around the time Boston happens actually). Now if I was listening to my body and not blindly following a schedule, then maybe I wouldn't be afraid to sleep in instead of doing the dreadmill routine or to cut back on the miles when it's not going well. Like today's 2nd run... the weather was mild (+12C or 50F) and very strong winds near 30mph but instead of easing into the run and starting to feel better it was just downhill from the start (and not in a good way). Again, too stubborn to call it a day and slogged out the 11 miles.

The weather has been quite amazing again and did it in shorts and a long-sleeved shirt again today. But tommorow it's back to winter reality as the Polar Express from the west is bearing down on us (thanks Dawn!) with -25 to -30 windchills and other fun stuff. Now do you think that would be a good reason to cut my run short? Naah! Actually looking forward to the group run on Sunday, surely things will be better by then ;-)

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Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

For a minute there I thought we had traded weather. Where's the picture of you running in shorts. We need

Yes, you can have your cold front back, I've had enough of it. Its a balmy -6C today, should be ok for a run. I'm hoping my feet will let me do at least 10k. Been a while and I need to start building for my half at the end of April.