Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ups and downs

So far this week the running has been either really good or really bad. It's either feeling great and ready to tear up the roads or feeling like crap and wanting to crawl home with my tail between my legs! And I've also been so busy there has been no time to blog and complain about it!

So after Sunday's longish 18 miles the plan was to take it easy on Monday with a rest day, not! Instead it was a 5 hour drive to Halifax for a meeting with my 'clients', aka fishermen reps. But the meeting ended early and with time on my hands and a beautiful sunny day, well the options were obvious; go for a run! So I cheated on the program by putting in 10+ glorious miles running from Dartmouth, across the MacDonald bridge and then around the Halifax Commons park before cruising back the way I'd come. Total time 80:20 or 7:59 pace.

Tues was a busy work meeting and travel day getting home late and no run, thus a well needed rest day.

Weds was a strange running day. You'd have thought that after a nice exhilarating run on Monday, followed by a rest day that I'd be charged up for a decent effort but it just was not to be. This 14 mile med-long mid-week run was a slog of a run from the 1st step to the last, yuck! I nearly bailed in the 1st 3 miles with evil runner suggesting that I take it easy today, and then run long the next day, or just do 12 today instead. However, good runner won out with the argument that it was only a few miles further and by not doing the long run today it would mean back to back longer runs later in the week. Evil runner was persistant though and made me turn early on this out and back but this only caused some more zig-zags at the end to make up the necessary miles. Finally after almost 2hrs of torture the punishment ended and I was able to collapse at my desk for the rest of the day.

Today, Thurs was a better (up) day with a nice easy run around town in a light rain. It was a recovery pace run of only 6 miles at a relaxing easy trot (8:17 pace). It's so nice to go slow some days but the hope is that the next day you'll have something extra for a harder run. On tap for Friday is a 12 miler with 4@1/2 mar pace. Hopefully it will be an up day but I'd better shut this computer off now and get some sleep. Good running all!


Unknown said...

Evil runner was talking to me this morning and good runner had to convince him to try out my new ipod for the first time just to get him out the door for 5 miles. I hope good runner can conquer evil runner for both of us.

Olga said...

Yep, those lil' evil thingys are everywhere! I try to fight them before my brain wakes up:)

Love2Run said...

Yup, it's hard to keep evil runner at bay some days. They are such lazy slobs aren't they? Mind over matter!

Anonymous said...