Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick update and silly treadmill video

Just had to spread the word on this goofy video I ran across today. These guys are over-the-top and the things they do on treadmills to music are very creative and funny. The group is called OK Go and here is their video for the song 'Here it goes again'. Enjoy it and no laughing out loud!

Time to update progress so far this week. Stayed on schedule Tues with an early morning 4 miles (OK 7am) run before work and then another 6 miles at lunch. The achilles acted up big time and then out of nowhere my hip started to kill me and could barely walk down the hall in the morning. Wasn't sure I'd be able to run but magically by lunch the stiffness faded and by running very-very easily was able to get the run in. Whew!

Today was the dreaded, hated, always trying to not do, 15 mile mid-week run from hell that I hate to do but always manage to finish somehow (just do it, right Thomas?). It actually was a rather nice day with a cool sea breeze and temps around 24C. Ran at mid-day taking an extended lunch break and stayed late to make it up. Started out really slow and careful with both the length of the days run and whats in store for the weekend in mind. Did about 9 miles on loops and trails around town before gatoring up at home and then finished at a faster pace (under 8:00/mi) feeling much fresher than I started. Total time was 2:01 for the 15.

That's all for now. Enjoy the silly video while I go do some stats on my running history for Simon.


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Loved the "silly video". Good luck on Sunday. I'm sure you will do awesome.

Phil said...

Another impressive day and glad to hear that the hip issue cleared up quickly (mine does the same from time to time). Great video. Of course all the while I watching it, the temperature read out on your blog was flasing 15C ... just taunting me with it's cool green display. Some of us can only dream of fairer weather!

Best of luck on Sunday.

Anonymous said...