Saturday, November 04, 2006

Still sitting on the fence

Not alot to report lately as I continue to take things easy since the marathon, just slowly upping the miles and number of runs each week. Managed to get a total of 45 miles in 6 runs this week which was exactly as planned and this comes from someone without a plan. Actually my non-plan is to build up to 50-60 and then take it from there.
Here's the 2006 training profile thus far with 2 marathon buildups and various races scattered over the year. The green line is the longest run distance each week. I'm now looking at a PR year for the training log and likely will hit the 3000 mile mark by year end.

The past week was a blur with a ton of work stress keeping me occupied but not interfering with the running at least. Lets see what my log says...

Sunday - 12.5 miles, slow tired draggy, strong sw winds
Mon - rest day
Tues- 6.2 to burn off steam from meetings
Weds - 6.2 same loop, with Garmin back from shop, 7:47 pace felt easy
Thur - 8.25 in cold rain and wind, miserable conditions, pushed pace to try to keep warm but it didn't work
Friday- 8 miles on a nice sunny afternoon holiday (took some time off) but had to bail out of the run when my hip started to complain. Made it home but hobbled around rest of the day wondering if it was a real injury or not and trying not to let coach see I was hurting.
Sat- 4 miles easy before our little shopping trip to SJ. The phantom hip injury is now gone, go figure!

Looking forward to reuniting with the Boyden Lake gang tommorow morning. It will be interesting to see what Mark and Andrew do to convince me to convert to their new all out training strategies. In case you've missed it, Andrew continues to ramp up his mileage to the stratosphere and we're all watching for the upcoming train wreck. Mark is also pushing up the mileage and we hope he can hold up under the strain too (or did I say train?). Good luck guys!


Thomas said...

It's not only the running that you're taking it easy with, is it? I started to think you had joined your goldfish in the hibernation after your long silence.

Andrew said...

You seem to forget the only difference between the 'new' training program and my last cycle for my PR at Wineglass is actually training for more than 5 weeks in a row and an easy jog at night. Now how can that be so bad?

Train wreck? Nah... besides a few inconveniences bound to come my way, the only wreck I'll see is the mangled wreckage of old marathon times in my rear view mirror.

You're picking up some bad vocabulary from someone...

Anonymous said...