Saturday, March 10, 2007

Doing the work, sort of...

Trying my best to get the workouts in but the log tells me it was only 87% of the planned miles last week. The combination of a work trip and poor weather resulted in a total of 60 miles in 5 runs. Two of those were on the treadmill as I attempted to avoid the awful cold weather that had swooped down on us from the arctic. High winds and dangerous windchills were the result so indoors it was.
Today's run, seen here in graphic form included a jaunt across the ocean floor with the tide out and a series of hills which were a real struggle for the legs. This was meant to be an easy recovery run in preparation for yet another long run on Sunday morning with Andrew and Jon. The main challenge will be figuring out the time zones and time of day with Daylight Savings kicking in tonite. Our final decision was to pretend the clocks stayed the same and to meet at the same time, 630 EST (730 Atlantic Canadian), meaning I get to sleep in a bit! (Yes!!)

  • Tues - 8 miles easy on the treadmill
  • Weds - work trip, brought running gear but no treadmill at hotel, -30C windchill
  • Thurs - 8 mile on treadmill with 8x800m at 3:20 to 3:30
  • Friday - 15 miles with 8 attempted at marathon pace (managed 740 only) on dead legs
  • Sat - 9 miles easy on dead, tired legs
  • Sun - plan for 21 or more (thinking I need a 3 hr run) with last x at MP
Have a good weekend! Wish me luck on the long run.

For inspiration and pure fun check out the Chasing Kimbia blog and videos. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya!


Andrew said...

Surely, the amber ale flowed freely when you typed the 'Sunday plan', yes? I am generally silent in cases of abused language and improper imagery. In this case, however, I feel compelled to speak out.

Using the word combination "or more" after the numeral "21" is just not proper. And to follow with "last at MP" is the ribbon on the kitten. Can you not feel the cringe of universal aversion? Unsuspectingly, I allowed the words to leap from screen and affect me. It left me feeling depleted. I ache to the bone having confronted such tortuous prose.

Consequently, we must also consider the effects on the impressionable. What if an innocent decides to enact the musings of your diabolical imagination? Truly, will you feel guiltless when someone, in a fit of anguish, tries to 'or more' after '21' at 'MP'?

How do you sleep at night?

Love2Run said...

Oh, my side hurts! I sleep like a baby at night enacting more diabolical plans based on the latest training theory. My thought was you might allow me to continue on for a few miles and pick me up from the side of the road (or in the ditch). There will be offerings of brownies and fig newtons.

DawnB said...

Good luck with your long run Mike you'll have a partner on this one so you'll do great!!!not that you wouldn't have by yourself. But having a friend along sure helps. good luck to you and Andrew

Phil said...

Yeh, you're a real slacker. Only 60 miles in 5 runs ... oh the horror ... the humanity! Nice going in very bad weather conditions.

Thomas said...

I do complain about the Irish weather far too often. -30C windchill??? That's incomprehensible.