Monday, April 09, 2007

6d 23hr 48m 39s

Just a quicky post this morning as the clock is ticking...

Also just time for a quick but slow 6 mile run around town in about 49:00 on heavy legs (wonder why?). It was 0C (32 F) with a brisk northwest breeze and otherwise a nice day for Feb/March but not for early April. Rather nondescript type jog/run with a stop to check on a friends cats. The only event of note was the little snow squall that showed up in the last mile but this is getting to be old boring news by now for most of the east coast and central states.

I took a day off yesterday (Sunday) on the advice of Coach who always has my best interests in mind. Besides my long run was taken care of on Saturday and a little rest would be better than pushing on tired legs. It's a good thing too because I was feeling a little tired and grumpy (but would never admit it) and the beer and ice-cream and chocolate tasted that much better.

The long term forecasts for Boston here and here and here are looking like it's going to be a cool cloudy day between 40-50F (4-10C) with a chance of showers. It's been a cool spring so far and it looks like the trend is going to hold for at least another week. That would be a welcome change from past years with temps in the 70's and 80's.

On an unrelated/related programming note. I'd like to recommend fellow bloggers try turning off their word verification to make it easier to put up comments. Madman Bob from Florida makes some good points in this regard and if you start getting spammed then just turn it on. You can also turn on moderation and then get the chance to approve each comment 1st. Just a thought.

So much for a short post. Have a great week!


Runneroftrails said...

Hi Mike,
I've been enjoying your Boston buildup. If you don't mind, could you list out what your schedule is for the final week of tapering.
Thanks in advance,

Bob - said...

umm what U doing NEXT week at this time???


Yup, putting down ur medal and starting to write ur post from the hotel before you go for a Boston celebration dinner :-)

Haha Have a good taper week Mike,


Love2Run said...

My basic 3 week taper is from Pfitzinger 70 miles/18 week plan but I've changed Sun to a rest day due to my 1/2 on Sat.
Sun - rest (was 13 mi easy)
Mon - 6mi easy
Tue - 5mi with 5-6 strides
Wed - 7mi with 2 at MP
Thur - 5 easy with strides
Fri - 4 or 5 easy with strides
Sat-Sun - travel & expo, no running
Mon - release the hounds!

Unknown said...

In case I do not make it back again, have a good run in Boston. I'll be looking for your results.

Phil said...

Other than the rain, it looks like perfect weather for Boston.

So what gives with all the snow in April? Did you forget to pay your heating bill or something? If you get too cold, you're welcome to come on down to Arizona and warm up.

Mark Bell said...

word verification is off! nice, I haven't read your link's post but I will say that my blog has no word verification

I received about a handful of spam comments in that time and with the new blogger I don't think any

Personally, if a blog has word verification and it doesn't accept my post after several attempts I move on and the comment may\may not make it in an email

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Silly me got my weeks mixed up. I thought Boston was this week not next. Yikes.

We got snow again over here today as well.

DawnB said...

Well Mike you'll be away from that in a few days!!! I'LL Have a link at work so I'm to take a glimpse of the race on Monday!! did you tell us your race # yet so we can track this!!! I've told you before you'll do great!!! what you put in is certainly what you get out I can wait to read your report!! When I decided to once and for all go for it and do it right maybe I'll join the the ranks!!! and proudly display the Boston grin!! I'm babbling on!!sorry just so damn proud of you Good luck.

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Word verification off. I'll be looking for those Maple Leaf shorts on Monday!