Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekly (hardly training) update

It's been a week since the last update and my holidays seem to be slipping away already. I usually have a few around the home projects to keep me occupied but the large pile of heavy timbers for the new retaining wall still remains undisturbed. Maybe tomorrow... Other than that, I've had a chance to chill out, sleep in, recover from the 1/2, clean my motorbike, help Jo with her heavy lifting around the garden and of course slip in a few runs.

Monday (last week)- rest day, woke up at the usual time, sore feet due to blister from race, worked in garden

Tues - my 1st real day of vacation and just did an easy 1 hour loop around town. The run felt good at 1st but then the legs felt strangely sore and tired in the deep parts of the muscles. It was nice to run in the early morning with lots of shade and cool ocean breeze.

Weds - feeling a bit better today but still recovering and so opted for the fartlek run with surges from 1 to 3 minutes and similar 2-4 min easier bits while running over hill and dale around my usual outer town loop. A total of 15 minutes of harder running over 8 miles and was feeling a little weary at the end.

Thurs - this was meant to be a 90-120 min run and managed 103 in the wind and rain. I considered waiting for later in the day and probably should have because it did clear up. Instead I ended up toughing out a bit of a sloggy run with legs again tiring at the end.

Friday - here's where the hardly training comes in. "The Plan" called for 7x1mi cruise reps this week which is at a speed somewhere between my tempo pace and marathon pace and would likely be around 7:00/mile. It didn't happen. Instead it was just another early morning slog around town on semi-dead legs. Another recovery day I guess.

That night we drove Steph to Truro in preparation for her big move to PEI. What are parents for but to be at the beck and whim of their offspring? She did smile nicely and said pretty please, so how could we say no?

Sat - set the alarm for 630 so I'd have time for a quick run before it was time to pick up the U-haul trailer. Test drove my new Nike's and managed 6 miles, bringing the final weekly total up to 58. After that it was a lot of heavy lifting and the usual worry about whether or not it will all fit in the alloted space, but it did!

After checking that we had everything it was off to Pictou to catch the ferry to PEI and only a 45 minute drive away. It saved a ton of time and wear and tear on the van which seemed to struggle with the heavy load, especially on the hills. We had a beautiful calm crossing and I took a ton of pictures with the clouds and scenery adding to the beauty.

Then, another 45 minute drive and more work unloading and carrying stuff up one flight of stairs at her new place. It's a great spot, nice and clean, close to everything, in a quiet neighborhood and Steph seemed very happy with it. But what hard work! We managed to get it unloaded in short order but were very tired that evening after our meal.

Sunday - alarm for 630am again and it was very hard to get going. First made a run to Tim's for coffee and was able to get on the road by 730 for my planned 2hr 45min run. You might think my legs were tired and weary, earlier in the week but it was nothing like they felt on this day. My long run turned into a pure test of endurance just keeping the forward momentum and making it one mile to the next. The only bonus was the cool cloudy conditions and being able to run entirely (except the 1st 1/4 mile) on the Confederation Trail which runs the length of the island and has 100's of kilometers or trail. I saw a few walkers, a couple of single runners and a gaggle of women doing their long run (gaggle because you could hear them coming ;-) and I know they went long because I met them again as I was finishing up. Towards the end of the run the skies opened up and I got thoroughly soaked for the last 3 miles. Total of 17 miles in 2:27 as I stumbled back to the apartment and a warm shower. Whew!

Monday (today) - still tired from the weekend. Thank God for rest days! Slept in this morning for a total of almost 9 hours sleep. Definitely on holiday now.

Have a great week!


Andrew said...

I think you need a run with me. Sunday?

Love2Run said...

Sounds good! See you then.

Kate said...

What a beautiful picture!

Good job sticking at the run despite the dead legs.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a pretty decent "hardly training" week. I have those weeks where it seems like everything is a recovery run. I've been trying to up the intensity a bit lately, but am being careful since I am building my mileage as well. I hope the legs are good as new this week.

Bob - said...

Mike Said:What are parents for but to be at the beck and whim of their offspring?
LOLOL yupper... Best wishes Steph on ur new place. and way to get that run in the next day:-)

DawnB said...

What a busy week you had!!! way to go on the long run I know how that can be!! Mike do you know I had no Idea how we were going to pack up our son in September, Thank you you just gave me one and the whole family can see him off in one vehicle!!!

Phil said...

I think it is a case of the mid-summer blahs. You'll pick up again in no time.

Jamie Anderson said...

I say blame it on the busy week. Hook up with Andrew on Sunday and let him whip you back to where you want to be. By Tim's coffee, I assume you mean Tim Horton's. I'm growing quite fond of their coffee, and put it above Dunkin Donuts!

Michael Jay Dotson said...

The summers a tough time to do marathon-type training. Relax, and let it come to you.

This is advice I need to follow myself.

Olga said...

That was BUSY, and 58 miles?! Almost 3 hrs on dead legs (and on roads - oops, sorry) is pure endurance for sure. I want to kick my kids out sooner, but I am certain I'll cry over once they do leave...

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Rest days???? What are those??? lol. Pretty dang good mileage for a "busy" week. I ran more days, but you ran more miles. Way to go.

Bruce said...

Looks like a pretty decent week, hope this one was just as good or better. Nice photos.