Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A normal weekday run

Today's run looks something like (maybe even exactly like) this:

Point Loop from SABS at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Travel Community

which also has some geo-linked pictures if you click or point to the right dots.

It was a nice easy paced run at my 'just run and don't pay attention to the gadgets pace'. The weather was a bit cool around 3-4C and I was a little bit under-dressed in shorts, long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker. Could've used my gloves and headband but I made a last minute decision to ditch them because the sun was peaking out. Total of 6.1 miles in 49 minutes and the knee was fine!


Andrew said...

Glad to hear that knee is ok!

Thomas said...

We're enjoying the same temperatures here at the moment, and I definitely felt under-dressed in shorts and t-shirt this morning. Unlike you I did wear gloves though, that's always my first answer to the cold. I'll grab some long sleeves tomorrow, though.

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Looks like a beautiful route to me. Glad the knee is on the mend.

Bruce said...

Nice graphics. Keep up the good work out there in that cold.

Hope you like playing tag, i'm, tagging you. check my blog.

DawnB said...

congratulations on a nice run. Glad the knee did not bother you.