Saturday, December 29, 2007


Another snowstorm overnight, this time with 10-15cm of wet sticky (perfect snowball) snow. When I reached the end of our lane and this sign, did I take heed? Of course a stop and picture were in order but the 5 mile recovery run continued as planned. The roads were completely unplowed making it slow going today but that was fine, being an easy run and all.
Mid-run the Algonquin hotel under heavy cover required another quick stop for a breather and a pic. I kinda like this Stop 'n Go mode of travel. The temperature was mild, just at 0C (32F) and a strong southeast wind made for slow going when exposed to the open. Total of 5 miles today at 8:50 pace.
This completes 60 miles for week 2 of 18 of the Boston plan. The past week was right on target with all runs completed as scheduled. The only thing to consider or add is some post run stretching and a regimen of core work. With all these snowstorms I've been at least getting my share of upper body workout .

With only 2 more days left in 2007 and my mileage total sits at 2610 which is about average over the past 3-4 years. I just did a quick re-cap to see how my Resolutions compared with my results in 2007. I was able to check off most of the 1st 8 of 10 resolutions but missed #5 by not getting a 10k in as part of the RunNB Run For the Cycle series (got all the other races though). I also didn't take 9 minutes off my marathon PR or lose 10 pounds. Better luck next year, right? but right now it's time for a beer. Gotta fuel up for tomorrow's long run with the gang at Boyden.

Take care on the roads!