Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moncton travels

Busy busy but always can find time to run and stop for a picture or two. This is in Moncton, NB.
And this is besides the Petitcodiac River. You are looking at ice walls and a tidal stream that runs up from the Bay of Fundy.

And then I ran across the strangest sights I've seen in many runs... I heard this quack, quack noise in the middle of suburban Moncton and looked up to see a parking lot full of Mallard ducks!!! I'm not sure if they were being fed or not but I ended up taking pictures on 2 passes but the location. Easily several hundred ducks crammed in a small area. Very strange.
Running log notes
Sunday - 17 miles with 14 miles in 1:45:03 or 7:30 pace (+3sec) Tough love but felt good after.
Monday - day off but work day meetings from hell (survived). St. Paddies Day and visited 2 pubs that evening ;-)
Tues - 9 miles in 1:19 on very hard slippery sidewalks of Moncton (sore legs after). Also a very nice meal with filet mignon.
Weds - just 5 quick miles followed by another nice meal at the same Irish pub. Guinness is so smooth after a nice run.

And that's all she wrote! See you later!


Andrew said...

Wow, somebody is treating himself right!

Jamie Anderson said...

Great you're still finding the time to get out and explore/train, despite the busy week. Neat pictures!

Dubs said...

Burrr! That looks cold! Nice runs. Interesting about the ducks.

gumushel said...

sorry to hear it's so cold back there! :D