Friday, August 15, 2008

Pleasantly tired?

Not exactly, how about exhausted and barely able to sit up straight? That's how I felt today after the workout of the week (11 miles with 6@1/2 marathon pace) but it's good to put it behind me.

The run started out OK with the legs feeling half way fresh for the first time all week and the weather was great with our first warm sunny day in what feels like weeks. After a 1 mile warmup and stretch, followed by another 1 mile warmup it was time to get going but first I made a stop in the shade to catch my breath and gather myself. The effect of last weekends race and long run seem to still be in my legs as I could only manage an average pace of 7:21 over the 6 miles of rolling hills. I nearly stopped the workout at mile 5 when the pace dipped below 7:30 but decided to gut out what I could with visions of the final hilly miles of PEI in my brain. Finished the run with a 3 mile death march in what felt like a baking sun (but Arizona Mike would find it cool at 24C/75F). Post run and for the rest of the afternoon was mostly a whole body tiredness but things perked up at supper with beer, wine, cheese and pasta. Feeling much better now and some cold dessert might be in order soon.

Aug 14 - Thurs
Training: 5 miles easy easy which was a relief (8:27 pace) 6/10
Health: tired and sore legs; toe sore but not affecting runs 6/10
Stretching: stretched and iced

Aug 15 - Fri
Training: 11 miles with 6 miles in 43:30 (7:21pace) 6/10
Health: ok but completely wiped after run, toe still tender 6/10
Stretching: iced & stretched later

So, still chugging away but with an excellent adventure approaching. Details to come soon...