Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tennis Toe?

I won't say that Andrew didn't warn me not to do it but he did. As we cruised in the final miles of our long run on Sunday I let slip that instead of laying quietly on the couch after the run I'd be participating in a tennis tournament!! "You're doing what? " he asked. Long story short, I played in the afternoon and stubbed my big toe making a quick stop on the court. It immediately hurt and started to turn dark and now looks like it might turn black and fall off. Duh! (Sorry, no picture, it's too gross)

We had a nice long group run on Sunday with a group of 4 for the 1st 7 miles and then 3 for the next 12. Andrew and I finished off the last 2 miles together. The question was asked as to how many Boyden group runs we've done so I went back though my log. Since Nov. 2005 we've done 52 Sunday runs including 22 of over 20 miles and a total of 2570 runner miles.

Aug 10 - Sunday
Training: 21 miles (8:24 pace) Boyden run #52 with Andrew, Jon and Ozzoe 7/10
Health: legs were a bit sore at 1st; hurt big toe playing tennis later in day 6/10
Stretching: iced & stretched

Aug 11 - Monday
Training: 0 miles (rest day)
Health: ok, sore toe but ok to walk & bike 7/10
Stretching: stretched!

Aug 12 - Tues
Training: 6 miles in pouring rain(8:27 pace) 7/10
Health: toe good to run but looking ugly 6/10
Stretching: dip in pond and iced & stretched later

Aug 13 - Weds
Training: 14 miles (8:26 pace) 7/10
Health: good, toe better 7/10
Stretching: dip in pond and iced & stretched later

Just putting in the miles as best I can. See you later!


DawnB said...

sorry about the stubbed toe hope you are feeling better now.

Andrew said...

Wow 52 outings. Not bad for the Boyden boys!

Grellan said...

I assume it's the nail is in danger of falling off and not the toe.

That's an impressive Boyden Group run record.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Kudos to the Boyden gang!

Glad to hear the toe is getting better. I used to hear the same from Andrew when I played soccer. Or swam. Or biked. Or...

Good job getting those miles in. Miles make champions.

Dubs said...

OUCH!! Holy cow! I've got some super glue if it does fall off. Without your picture, I'm visualizing Bob's toes from after his ultra.

Love2Run said...

Yes, Grellan it's the toenail and not the toe in danger of falling off sometime in the future. And no Dusty, I don't plan on the crazy glue solution ;-)

gumushel said...

i havent swung my racket in years now.. i am supposed to golf on saturday and i'm hoping it rains so i can cancel.. haha! lets try to make a plan to get together soon! great time in st. stephen by the way!

Anonymous said...