Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alone again

Despite the best of intentions our Boyden Lake group run just never got off the ground this weekend. I put out an email feeler on Friday and immediately got a nay from Andrew who already had plans. Jon was a late responder with family issues keeping him close to home as well. Finally, late last night my last hope, Ozzie had to bow out as well with similar happenings keeping him off the roads on Sunday. Great, at least I'll get another a good nights sleep. Nine (count em 9) hours later I rolled out of bed well rested but not especially eager to get running.

But run I must and after procrastinating for over an hour with a long breakfast, decisions on what to wear, finishing up a little painting project etc I was finally able to shuffle my way down the highway. The weather was nice for running today with cool cloudy conditions and very little wind and still being relatively early on a Sunday morning the traffic was light. However, without my running buddies to keep me company it was a long slow run and more of a slog than I'd like. I guess getting back into training again and the current streak of 7 days in a row has left me a little tired. 17 miles and 2:28 later it was finally over but there was no rest for the weary as Jo and I spent the rest of the day attempting to deer-proof our yard. I think a few pictures will certainly be forthcoming of this in the near future as we put up a 9 foot barrier around the precious inner garden.

Sept 13 - Sat
Training: 7 miles (8:19 pace) very easy run with the legs stiff but better than Friday
Stretching: has been nil lately except for brief sessions after a 1 mile warmup during runs

Sept 14 - Sun
Training: 17 miles (8:38 pace) slow lonely slog of a run against a very resisting tired body.
Stretching: with icing later on the couch
Health: better with great weekend back to back sleeps of 8+ hours

While I was slogging about here in Canada, over in Ireland Grellan was busy racking up a 5+ minute 1/2 marathon PB while dusting Thomas (for the 1st time I think?). Thomas was no slouch either with a 2+ minute PB of his own! Wow, it must be the lousy weather that brings out the best in them. Nice going guys and have a great week all.


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Good job on shuffling out the door for the lonely long run. Yes, the lonely longs are not much fun (especially without Andrew's stories/jokes/shananigans).

Beautiful garden!

Thomas said...

Thanks, Mike.

I'm sure Andrew's stories/jokes/shenanigans will return.

gumushel said...

i'll show up one of these days my friend

Anonymous said...