Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall colours

It was a beautiful morning for a long run with the boys of Boyden one more time. With a 630am start it was still dark when I started the drive across the border but the sun was nicely up to begin taking the chill off by the time we got under way. The temperature was only 4C (40F) and didn't really warm up that much, though it was actually near ideal for running. We had a great run doing the usual 17 mile loop with speedy Ozzie keeping the pace honest today, though for him it was likely on the slow side. My watch clocked in at 2:15 and 8:01 average pace with some 7:30's in the last few miles as we neared the fig newtons and chocolate chip cookies.

The rest of the day was spent at home doing a few chores and beginning to get the house and yard ready for winter.

Quick summary of last weeks running:
Thurs - 6 miles easy paced in and around a thunder and lightning storm
Friday - another 6 easy miles feeling generally tired and worn out. Then travel to SJ for a carpentry project.
Sat - no run as I was in SJ helping my brother Barry put down a hardwood floor for my sister Carol.

Total miles for the week was 45.0 in 6 runs. Oh, that's kind of cool... I just checked the Garmin and it logged 6hrs of running with an average pace of 7:55/mile. I guess the 1/2 marathon on Sunday helped keep my numbers up.

Here is the workcrew including my bro and two bros-in-law. Can you pick out my sibling?

This coming week I'm away on another work travel trip with some experiments planned using some underwater camera equipment. I'm hoping to catch a few herring in-the-act of spawning while we shine bright lights and drag our camera around near the ocean bottom. Wish me luck, have a great week, and taper smart out there!


Jamie Anderson said...

Looks like you're on track for PEI! Great job. Good luck with the fish.

Andrew said...

You want to do what with the fish??

Ewen said...

Mike, I'll take a guess at the ugly one ;)

Lovely colours. Autumn is my favourite time of year, with Spring and Summer not far behind.

Thanks, I'll be having a crack. It'll be touch and go. I hope 'go'.

Thomas said...

Good luck with your herring porn, I guess....

Michael said...

Great photo, looks like a fantastic place to run!

DawnB said...

I love that photo waht a beautiful scene. I think the one in the middle is your brother.

Enjoy your trip and have a good week.

Grellan said...

I'm going for the guy at the back wearing the gloves. Enjoy the shoot and taper.

Sarah Elaine said...

Hey there,

I'm friends with Dawn (Pink Chick) and Karen (All Downhill from here) in Calgary. Karen said to check in with you since we'll both be at PEI.

Anonymous said...