Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tag line

Dusty tagged/challenged me to post a picture, which isn't much of a stretch for me. Here are the rules:
1) Go to the 4th photo folder on my computer
2) Choose the 4th photo
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 other people

It was hard to figure out which folder was my 4th, since there are so many files and folders in my pictures subdirectory. I ended up choosing a suitable picture from the 4th folder in the 4th folder (year) of pictures which happened to be from a family vacation in Fundy National Park in 2002. The photo is a group shot, height ordered of all the nieces and nephews in the Power clan, with my own kids thrown in as well. The only one missing is my daughter Stephanie who was probably at a horse show instead that weekend.

I won't tag anyone else but feel free if you are so inclined (Chris, Steph, Andrew, BC-Mike) . It's neat what pictures you might come up with from your recent past.

Sunday - 7 miles on the roads and one on the treadmill (including 1/2 mile walking backwards) as I bailed out of the long run to care for my hammies. I've been doing stretches and strengthening exercises on a daily basis and found the walking backwards suggestion as well, though it's tricky adjusting the controls without falling off.

Monday - day off, stretch and work the hams

Pushup challenge: did another test and could only do 35 which keeps me at the same level in week 5. I can feel the difference in my arms and shoulders but the improvements seems to be coming slow thus far.

That's it for now. I'm hoping to get some decent runs in this week but will cut them short or miss them all together if the legs complain too much. Have a good week!


Unknown said...

That picture is great! I love how you lined them all up like that.

I hope the legs feel better soon.

Dumb question, but do you guys do Thanksgiving in Canada?

Love2Run said...

Thanks Chad. You should see these kids now as most are adults 6 years later. Our 'Canadian' Thanksgiving is always on the 2nd week of October so we've already had our turkey!

Ewen said...

Great photo Mike. I guess 6 years on they'd nearly all be the same height, or maybe it would be "bumpy" like a mountain range!

I like backwards running for the hamstrings, but down at Calwell where I'm not going to hit anything, or fall off ;)

Grellan said...

Walking backwards - I'm intrigued does it help the hammies. I would agree that walking backjwards on the mill is tricky - is there any reason why you didn't incorporate it into your outdoor run n- perhaps the looks you might get!

Bob - said...

Nice family reunion photo... and way to work on those pushups...need to add that back in to my workouts, took off the past month and can tell :-(

Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...