Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still on track

Sort of...

I've been mixing and matching my workouts this week and besides my Monday rest day have yet to do anything as scheduled in the log. Life really does have a habit of messing up your well planned routine doesn't it?

Monday - rest day. Yes, I'm very good at this. Even did my pushups (week 6, level 1, day 1)

Tues - 4 miles on the treadmill after a very busy day. Started the 200 Situp Plan which nicely complements the 100 Pushup Challenge plan

Weds - 8 miles with 8x100 strides on the roads in balmy +4C. Miscounted the number of striders that needed doing but had a great run with average pace around 8:00 and near 7:30 for the last 2 miles as I hurried back to work during a long lunch run. Pushups for day 2 completed.

Thurs - today was an enforced rest day (scheduled on and borrowed from Sat) because of dental work and order not to run for 48 hours. I'll reduce it to 30hr and run on Friday after work. I can still do situps and core work, right? Curious, but my dentist just called me to check if I was all right and had no pain. How often do you get that kind of service? Darn, I forgot to ask him to waive the 48 hr curfew!

Enough blathering for now. Have a good remaining week. You know tomorrow is Friday 13th but then the next day is Happy Valentines, so be nice to someone special!


Ewen said...

Practise those rest days Mike and you'll become perfect.

Nice Wednesday workout. I hope the balmy temps continue into the weekend. A freezing 19C for us today, after the 40s of last weekend.

Garry said...

Good work weaving those runs in between dentist appointments, work, and life in general. Also a good idea to start incorporating some core work in with the push ups. You're gonna' be a monster!